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Atlanta Police Shoot and Kill Rayshard Brooks as Racial Justice Protests Continue Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/13/atlanta-police-shoot-and-kill-rayshard-brooks-racial-justice-protests-continue


"and appears to show him running away from officers when he was shot. "

So a person who was half asleep; failed a breathylyser test and was running away, could not be apprehended by police other than by shooting him.? (Apparently according to reports, in the back.)


It is the same comment I usually offer on these shootings. Are there any cops that are not sadistic cowards?
too many doughnuts? Too out of shape to make the on foot chase? Too poorly trained in pursuit options. Since when is a gun an extension of ones physical reach?
Why don’t they chase until you catch them, or follow up with a dragnet if they do happen to get away.
They have his car, his registration, and his drivers license. Assuming they have all of that if they were in sobriety test stage.

So if a vandal breaks my widow or steals something off of my porch I should shoot them in the back as they are running away. What kind of insanity is that?
At that rate we should be shooting any policeman that brandishes a firearm.


The guy falls asleep in his car in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s fast-food joint, and a few minutes after the call to the police, he’s dead.

Sounds like escalation to me. The other part of this that bothers me is that even if the cops are truthful about him pointing the taser at them, the cops themselves describe tasers as non-lethal, so why are they initiating deadly force when faced with a non-lethal weapon?

Running away from arrest, no matter how petty the crime, seems to be cause for execution in these United States.


It seems like the cops are now trying to get in as many kills before they become defunded and might start getting held accountable for trophy hunting black folks. But of course we know nothing will stop them as long as they are given a uniform and a badge. Fire all of them now.


If they routinely killed and “jacked up” white folks then I would say this is “routine police procedure” or “by the book” but they don’t shoot white people, do they? I used to think police just hated black men (and women) because of their Color and I’m sure that’s part of it but over the last two weeks I see that they are SCARED. Those that are afraid of the color of another person’s skin, not committing a crime, and unarmed absolutely need to find another job—maybe doing something where they legitimately can injure people and possibly kill with impunity (not the police immunity) like boxing and those kinds of sports. Nah, that takes a certain kind of courage. Maybe worm farms where they don’t interact with people. No, then they would take their lack of humanity Out on the poor worms. There is no place in society for them. Maybe mapping out deserts?


That’s called “the military”.


You know, if they needed to apprehend this guy, they could have just towed him away—he was asleep after all. On the other hand, they could have towed him to a parking place and sent him a bill for the tow truck and left the scene. Why does everything little incident have to be framed as a crime?

As for the use of force here, let’s start by taking the guns away from cops. If they need an armed officer, make them call it in and get a supervisor out to assess the situation and then, if appropriate, call an armed officer to the scene, multiple cameras rolling on everyone involved, and lots of bureaucratic paperwork to go with it. The time and hassle involved would force them to find less violent approaches to conflict resolution.

It’s just far too rasy for a cop to escalate to using firearms, tasers, etc.


This certainly is not the first time a black man was shot dead for falling asleep in a drive-thru lane. I was surprised, in looking it up, that Willie McCoy (say his name) was killed only a little over a year ago, January of 2019, at a Taco Bell. It seems like years ago now.

The California police officers who killed Willie McCoy, a 20-year-old who had been sleeping in his car fired 55 bullets at him in 3.5 seconds – which was “reasonable”, according to the city of Vallejo’s hired consultant.



You think it would have been reasonable if the victim had been the Mayor’s or Chief of Police’s son? Of course not. The consultant should be charged as an accessory after the fact.


The medical examiner in Minnesota, now that the deceitful intent of George Floyd’s bogus (and slanderous) autopsy is obvious, should also be charged as an accessory after the fact. There’s always a good rubber of office support staff eager to help, it seems.


For this crime and all of the other killings and brutality he’s provided “expert” opinions for.


Two more cops that didn’t get the memo.

Perhaps, cops that aren’t able to learn, should be given rubber bullets instead of live ammunition.

Summary execution for making Atlanta cops run. Once again the actions of the 95% reflect badly on the 5% who do their job. Let’s have another police union official stand up and complain how the cops get no respect for attacking the enemy citizenry.

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I’m afraid they got a different memo.

It is becoming crystal clear that many cops have no business carrying a deadly weapon, especially those being paid to do so.

The qualifications for these jobs must be so low, that the dregs of society are being employed to protect and serve us citizens.

Reforming police departments are as impossible of a task as reforming the two corrupt political parties that dominate in Washington DC.

It would be better to just “fire” everyone and start fresh.


They are no longer trained for anything else other than brute force; cops being hired are not there for their smarts but rather their automatic respect for orders and ORDER, by any means. Most departments are facing hiring crises, so some places are more apt to fill shoes quickly rather than with careful consideration. It seems to be a catchall for men and women who like to brutalize instead of use words and careful consideration to defuse problems in the field; and I think many cops think they have to put on this show of machismo and force to show the rest of US watching that they must be obeyed. To me that means FEAR based reactions and no room for reason.


Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones. How much human solidarity does it take to carefully wake up someone who has fallen asleep in the drive-thru lane, rather than calling the police, for Christ’s sake? If you call the police for something like this, you will soon become an accessory to murder.

We subsist under an armed occupation of enemy soldiers. Don’t ever expect any help from mercenaries – They’ve got more important matters, like their pensions, to worry about.


Reads like something from the antebellum South. Deadly force was sanctioned if a slave was caught trying to escape. And like something from the American West, if an Indigenous person was trying to flee captivity. But if it’s a pale person, they can get away with murder, literally. Or certainly assault. Think of Dick Cheney shooting his hunting buddy in the face, and the sheriff let it ride. And of Laura Bush before her marriage killing her ex-boyfriend in a car accident while DUI.
American police are trained to protect private property and those who own it. If you’re poor or a person of color and commit a misdemeanor, expect to be taken down, scuffed up, and put into the prison system. In this case, this person could have had a medical issue, such as low blood sugar or a heart attack, and the call should have been made as a wellness check, not trespassing. It’s gonna be a long, hot, bloody summer…


Heck they shoot all of us now. The days of peace officers is long past.