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Attack of the Billionaires: This Year's Real Halloween Horror


Attack of the Billionaires: This Year's Real Halloween Horror

Bob Lord

The family that has made billions off trick-or-treat candy has gone generations without paying any appreciable tax on its enormous fortune. And the Trump tax plan, if adopted, would ax a huge chunk of the tax on the family’s income.

"So enjoy the candy, America. The Mars family will keep the cash."


This article is very enlightening. It is also somewhat infuriating. The .01% have so many different ways to avoid paying their share that the average citizen has little to no knowledge of. And now the present incarnation of Republicans want to give them more, at the expense of nearly everyone else.

Historically, this level of inequality is unsustainable, and has always resulted in major social upheaval.
Unbridled Capitalism will destroy itself. There is no doubt about that. However, in the process of destroying itself, it will destroy many human beings along with other forms of life.


Well I’m sure the 99% could come up with a couple bucks more than $500 million these “17 other billionaire families” have put together to lobby congress to defeat the Republican tax cut proposals these wealthy families and corporations are drooling over. These 1%ers won’t be messing with mom and pop Wageslave anymore! We’ll show them how to buy influence with the income from a couple of minimum wage jobs. Take that, you billionaires!!!


No more Mars candy for my family!


So the next question that comes to mind is which of the congress critters will be benefiting from the $500 million these 17 billionaires are intending to lavish on our bought and paid for lawmakers? And how much will each of these boughtenpaidfor be getting from the influence of the wealthy?

It’s necessary to know, so we of the 99% will know who we need to send a few bucks to, so they don’t vote for these tax cuts for the 1%. I’d hate to be sending a $5.00 campaign donation to the deciders of this this tax cut legislation and find out it was wasted because it went to the wrong person.


So as I mentioned in a recent post on CD, the average Joe would be sent to the Greybar Hotel if he thought he could get away with a do it yourself tax cut and got caught in an audit. While the 1% only need to get together and finance some influence peddling with the help of a few lobbyists to make out like bandits without fear of penalties, or confinement in a country club prison.


Boycott Mars Candy Products.

Tell everyone you know to Boycott Mars Candy Products.

Ask them to tell everyone they know to Boycott Mars Candy Products.


Boycotts are usually in for the long haul. This bill is almost upon us. This suggests the more effective tactic would be to focus attention on the bought and paid for congress. A very difficult task but more to the point, nevertheless.

Also, such a boycott, even if immediately effective, would, perhaps, make only 16 billionaires who are influencing congress and the bill will pass just the same. This boycott would have to go beyond picking one, or even more of these people, whilst leaving the others unencumbered to continue their efforts. Although, it might feel good, in more ways than one, to no longer eat m&ms, I can’t see how it would be effective.

I wish I had an effective solution to this but I don’t. The problem is bigger than any ad hoc solution aimed at a single bill, and needs a kind of concerted effort that has been rarely seen in the past, exactly, 100 years.


I thought this article would be about the DEVASTATING PALM OIL in their crappy products. The real Halloween Horror is the extinction of species and murder of indigenous people for this product.


Every day more facts emerge that clearly demonstrate this is not a democracy at all, but rather an oligarchy.


Robber barons.


Yet another benefit of going vegan; most of this crap is full of animal parts and fluids.


It appears that boycotts Gandhi style are in order. We need to start buying holistically as individuals … a how to govern ourselves conversation is needed.