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Attacking Science in Week One: How Congress is Trying to Dismantle Public Protections

Attacking Science in Week One: How Congress is Trying to Dismantle Public Protections

Yogin Kothari

You may have heard that Congress is back in session this week. The House of Representatives started off by trying to eviscerate their own independent ethics watchdog behind closed doors on a national holiday. The public noticed, raised hell, and forced the chamber to reverse course.

The republican war on reality continues apace. One fortunate or unfortunate result, depending on your sympathies, of this is that drumpf’s base will be the victim of a lot of the reduction in safety regulations. The white working class depends on them for protection at their jobs and in their homes, and when, like the destruction of Obamacare affecting coal miners with black lung disease, they realize that no one is going to help them, then maybe they will come to their senses. Or if not, maybe they will die and deplete drumpf’s base even more.

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Bring back lead paint - it really does cover better! Whose idea was it that PAINT could be dangerous, anyway? And leaded gasoline - bring that back, too! And DDT - now that’s the solution to that “zika” conspiracy. Besides, it’s clear that if every American’s water was like that of Flint, then people would stop complaining and buy their water from Nestle like God intended!

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This is a tough read, implying, as I think it does, that collapse is now here:

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Tough read #2:

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“We must Notice, Remain Vigilant and Frequently Tell our Elected Officials why Science-Based Public Protections matter.”

In other words, we must treat them like Four Year Old Children who cannot yet Read or Reason.

And our chances of their Hearing, Understanding and Cooperating, at this point, are about the same as if they WERE Four Year Old children.

Basically they are all Duopoly Agents who carry out the wishes of their Campaign Benefactors, not us Taxpaying Citizens.

The carbon tax just came into effect here in Alberta Jan 1.

The comments here at the coffee shop are representative of the majority, I would think:

  1. It costs $ 20.00 more to fill your tank.
  2. Alberta is going broke.

That about sums it up. I asked the owner of he knew what the carbon tax was really all about.

Not !

To a first approximation, to use your metaphor, we the people are all four year olds.

And on our East coast, an Afghan vet just murdered his wife, mother in law, and ten year old daughter before killing himself.

PTSD - and guess what - training guys to kill who are not pre-disposed to kill (~ 80%), works in the short run, but not in the long run.

I am so freaking angry this morning I can hardly breathe.

PS: Macy’s is laying off ten thousand; a Japanese insurance firm is deleting 34 jobs, all to be replaced by AI - Watson Explorer.

Why listen to guys like Bill Gates, Lord Martin Rees and Stephen Hawking on AI when you can have a Trump and coal.


I am thinking of the two morons that represent Idahoans in Congress, and of trying to convince them that science matters. What a farce.

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I say the Public should dismantle Congress. Think about it, how can 535 people know what’s best for 330 million? Let’s put that to a vote! What say you all?

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I guess this article you attached is our preparation for ‘Hell on Earth’. Hell, I never expected a rose garden!

It is our god given right to rape the earth and squeeze every bit of profit from it. Just like it was our god given right to steal the land and commit genocide against the natives. Our god given right to have slavery. What right does anyone have to complain when we use those god given rights? None. God will be happy with how we have made so much money in his name.
For the rest of us, we are just heathens for refusing to go along with those god given rights. One commenter said that all the water would be poisoned and that nestle would sell us the water. The problem with that is that most bottled water is taken from the poisoned rivers and lakes, might as well just eliminate the middle man and drink tap water. The same with air (they sell bottled air in china now because of the smog). At least in winter we will be able to set the rivers on fire to keep ourselves warm. And we will be able to brag that our smog is denser and more dangerous than china’s. Because that is what is in store for us. Burn baby, burn.