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Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law

Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law

Ray McGovern

The U.S. Constitution and international law suffered a stinging blow Friday night at the hands of an odd coalition that might be called Goldilocks and two moral dwarfs posing as Marine generals, together with a “Right Dishonorable” harridan and a young French poodle.

It’s just a piece of paper…morals, ethic’s, compassion, logic and the like are just constructs of the modern human brain…we still end up with goon’s in fancy suits no matter how hard to try to do otherwise.

Thank you Ray, for putting a lens on events and helping to provide context.

Unfortunately, as more truth becomes available even more anti-truth is generated in order to keep the perpetual obfuscation cycle going. The country is inundated with useless distractions (mindless TV, Pokemon Go (or whatever), noise as “music”, tweets as meaningful political discourse, etc.) that eat away at its intellectual potential. Our “culture” is collapsing as the unfortunate true settler-colony culture chugs on its merry way. Ignorance must be bliss, as they say. At the very least, it’s blather.


Thank you Ray. Several weeks ago Alan Dershowitz was defending Trump’s dangling pardons out there to some of those under investigation by the Mueller probe. Dershowitz tried to make the argument that because former presidents had used the power of the executive to issue pardons in what turned out to be purely personal protection and deflection of law and had not been prosecuted or sanctioned by the legislature or the judiciary, that ipso facto it is perfectly legal and acceptable for Trump to do so.

I swear it that motherfucker (Dershowitz) had been standing in front of me at that moment I would have decked him. Trump as well as his predecessors who used executive privilege to protect themselves from legal liability are/were all guilty of abuse of power, moral turpitude, and probably more serious legal charges. So this is America. Now that we illegally invaded and destroyed Iraq, hey it’s OK if we do it wherever we want. (Of course us older folks remember that this precedent has been in place since the end of WWII, but the younger generations only have this more recent illegal behavior to refer to.)

I don’t blame ordinary Americans for this - we don’t even have a voice any more in government. The professional political class - that would be the DEMOCRATS and the REPUBLICANS - are responsible for the destruction of the constitutional rule of law. Fuck the military; as Ray pointed out, they lost their moral compass in the jungles of SE Asia and South America, and are part and parcel of the rot that infests this nation.


A few hours before mssliles flew, our next president, Congressional Rep Tulsi Gabbard asked Mad Dog Mattis how bombing Syria related to national interest of the US. Ol’ Mad Dog said he couldn’t answer that question because it was predecisional and therefor speculation. Cowardly evasion of truth by Mad Dog Matis came just a few hours before missiles flew. He implies that everything pentogonian generals do is predecisional until the actual launch of an attack on any country a lying mad dog general decides to attack next.


Toward the beginning of the article, I was wondering if the deconstruction of Article 1, Section 8 was psychological in nature, that people who lack the intellect to deal with abstractions such as those in the Constitution automatically gravitate toward deference to people, authoritarians, and their easy-to-grasp dicta.

Further down I was thinking something else, nonetheless indicative of the inability to deal with abstract ideas: Sure, (they think), Article 1, Section 8 is inviolate, but when the defense of the country is at stake, the matter is too urgent either to wait for Congressional consent, or to rely on the results of Congressional debate. Immediate action is necessary and it is impossible to imagine that the “founding fathers” did not recognize or innovate methods in the case when the country is attacked.

Are they so stupid to think that there is any type of legal wars (see Art 6, clause 2) that is NOT a matter of national defense? Are they so stupid as to not recognize the implication that it must be perfectly ok for us to initiate attacks on other countries without the excuse of national defense, when Congress so approves?

Or are they so evil as to think that the proper, legal way to enter into war is not to seek approval from Congress when the president perceives a real threat to national defense, but to rig up some phony rhetoric (never mind phony evidence,) for the president to spin some foreign situation into a direct threat to us?

General Mattis only recently acknowledged , almost a year afer the fact, that the US had no evidence that Assad used Chemical weapons the last time the US pulled off this stunt and launched missiles against Syria , even as they claimed then that any who questioned the US Governmnet at that time were Assad tools.

This guy is a disgusting and corrupt individual and the FACT that the US MIlitary remains one of the most “respected” institutions in the USA shows how brainwashed the masses are. This bastard is one of the first that would send the troops against US Citizens were he given the orders to.

That said, I do have a gripe with the general thrust of these types of articles , that being all of the alarm over the violations to the Constitution when irt came to declaring war. I mean come on. Did Congress declare war when St Reagan attacked Grenada? The last time the US Congress exercised its proper function in the delcaration of war and authorization of the same was near the middle of the Second World War.

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Some quotes by Colin Powell when hhe lied to the UN yto try and get UN Authorization to attack iraq.

My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. I will cite some examples, and these are from human sources.

Which turned out to be a lie and a fabrication. There was no solid evidence. In fact given there were no WMD’s there could not have been evidence that there were at all.

We know that Saddam’s son, Qusay, ordered the removal of all prohibited weapons from Saddam’s numerous palace complexes. We know that Iraqi government officials, members of the ruling Baath Party and scientists have hidden prohibited items in their homes. Other key files from military and scientific establishments have been placed in cars that are being driven around the countryside by Iraqi intelligence agents to avoid detection.

Another lie. They did not know this because there was no order by Qusay to remove these weapons from Palace complexes because there were no weapons.

The fucking media in the US after this speech pumped out volumes of noise over how the case for WMD’s had been made and how any that questioned the narrative were idiots and dupes. They then went on to ridicule guys like Scott Ritter as having drunk Saddam’s Koolaid.

What a pack of low life liars and charlatans pulling the same stunt again and again.


Yes, the government has been in violation of the Constitution in this, and other matters, since the police invasion of Korea under Truman. However, articles describing this should still be
written. If all three separate and equal branches of the government agree to abrogate the Constitution, that “check and balances” thing isn’t working out. You can always get the populace to support a bombing, too.

I am not arguing that point at all. I am pointing out the duplicity of the Media in this regard as a whole and of those Democrats in Congress suddenly pretending they are concerned about the Constitution. I do not think it does the people any good to suddenly have as champions for the cause of peace and Constitutional law the very people who had no problems with violating the Constitution and launching wars in the previous Presidency.

This is simply political opportunism and it the nature of the Duopoly that has lead to this. The continual acceptance of this corrupt system has all but ensured the Peace Movement has no political power at all.

Just by way of example. I think many of us are in agreement that the MSM delivers propaganda rather then the facts and will continually advance fabrications as truth. This does not mean that we should believe Donald S Trump suddenly on our side here because he says much the same thing. All that guy wants is HIS lies told as fact.


International War Criminals the lot.

I’m at a loss for words. When you have 3rd year military academy students who think their allegiance is to the President, instead of the Constitution, we have a very serious problem. The importance of civics classes in school has been down graded through the years. The answers Ray’s students gave show how low this important subject has gone. Most young adults have no clue how our government works. This may be by design, but we have to turn it around if we expect a functioning Democratic Republic in the future.


This, is exactly what voting for the Duopoly gets you?

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Theresa May needs those pipelines.
The British pound won’t survive without them.

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Why could the Gang not wait until the OPCW had a chance to find out whether there was such an attack and, if so, what chemical(s) were used?

Well that’s an easy answer: Wag the dog needed to happen now so the evidence can be desroyed before the truth is uncovered.

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Semper Fraud, all the way. The western governments, led by Israel and the US, are the biggest threats to peace in this world.

The a reason the US has thousands of Nukes and is spending Trillions on upgrading then. Is these sick people are planing on using them. Imagine if Russia responded in kind to the numerous illegal attacks on Syria from the US and Coalition of the Killing. Or if Russia responded
to there Jets being shot down last year by Turkey and Jihadist over Syria. All these attacks on Russian soldiers, and the Syrian military. Are meant to provoke Russia in a military response. This is a very dangerous game the US and Coalition of the Killing are playing. Those of us living in the United States. Are sitting ducks if Russia, China, Iran and North Korea decided to respond to our provocative actions all over the world.

Great insight Ray. I will say one thing for Mattis; he reportedly did keep Trump from attacking Russian and Iranian sites and surprisingly Bolton did not challenge him. Had Trump prevailed there might have been a couple of destroyers at the bottom of the Red Sea; which would have gotten the crazies hot for WWIII. As for Bolton, he is a bully and a coward; bullies cave in when someone tougher stands up to them- like Russia. Trump is too delusional to know better.