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'Attacking the Very Foundations' of Church-State Separation, SCOTUS Delivers 'Seismic Shock' Ruling on Religious Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/attacking-very-foundations-church-state-separation-scotus-delivers-seismic-shock

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Wish I could understand what it is about the fall of the Roman Empire that causes the auto erotic creaming these characters so desire. Somebody give them some armor costumes in place of the black robes and maybe some chariots. Unload them into one of the numerous empty coliseums and lock the doors behind them. But instead of horses for the chariots make their sycophants haul their asses.


My city, a university town at that, is pock marked with church-based schools, many of which seem to have between five to ten in their classes based upon the “Congratulations Graduates” signs posted along their frontages. Now I am not sure how much one can be pushed by such a small cohort when it comes to learning. As a retired educator and a son of an educator I am betting not much. There is such a thing as critical mass. The more I learn about these church-based schools the more weary about society I get. Now in 1 Corinthians 4:10 Paul proclaims the flock to be “fools for Christ’s sake”, which doesn’t sound like a great footing for an educational base–Trump’s base, perhaps, but not an Enlightened one.


Well, as long as it’s not just “Christian” schools that exclusively get the tax credit but all religions, including the church of satan school, I guess it’s sound and fair and as equal as we can expect.


What the state of Montana needs to do now is begin holding private schools to the same high standard public schools are, and counter sue them if they bitch about it, on 14th amendment grounds of course.
Or they could just take the federalist route and throw their own faulty ideology in their faces by saying that they choose to ignore the SCOTUS decision and do as they damn well please, as a states law can supersede federal law, the very basis of the federalist movement, states rights.
Montana should take it back to the SCOTUS and ask, if a state doesn’t have the right to create and enforce its own laws, then why have states at all?
All this case does is open up a big stinky kettle of fish. However, it will be interesting to hear what the phony pious like Nancy and Chuck and the Clintons have to say.


That is what may happen. Somebody could start a school for satanists and claim the same benefit.
Or better yet, Flying Spaghetti Monster. If we are going to be ridiculous we may as well go balls to the wall.


Are you a Pastafarian too? I and I feel one love, mon.


Or next opportunity Montana has, simply exclude all private schools. As a progressive, I support going further - free public tuition at all public universities and trade schools. No support for private schools of any kind.

“A State need not subsidize private education. But once a State decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the majority.

Next time maybe MT will be more on the ball. I’m not seeing the end of the world here.


This is a legislative Supreme Court.


We need to seriously consider now and act on it to start the process of a Peoples’ Constitutional Convention. Top priority will see to it that these monsters do NOT have life terms and change to a parliamentary system that will make it much more possible to remove any representative that is clearly unfit just for starters.


I really don’t know if I still agree with this system, but Louisiana had a unique way of dealing with this issue. As background, I’ll tell you that the New Orleans area has two school systems. About half the students attend public schools, and the other half attend parochial schools (not necessarily for religious reasons, but for the better quality education. That is a whole different discussion). Anyway, as you go down as street, the schools you pass alternate public, parochial, public, parochial, …

Huey Long wanted to help all the schools, (at least partly to keep segregation active) so he provided textbooks and school bus transportation to both public and parochial schools. His argument was that he was helping the students, not the religious schools.

When I moved to another state, I was very surprised to find out that non-public schools require parents to buy text books, and there were no school buses.

I don’t really have a point here, other than to point out another attitude/solution to the state/church division, and add information to the discussion.


I prefer the third church of the naked heathen ,just sayin, perhaps a scholarship program could be started


I’m definitely annoyed at the headlines screaming that this is eroding separations of church and state. Roberts’ opinion makes it quite clear that this isn’t a separation of church and state issue – it’s a discrimination issue. He writes, quite clearly, that a state doesn’t have to fund private education at all. But if it’s going to, it can’t discriminate which schools get funding solely on the basis of religion. Religion is right up there with sex, race, and gender orientation as something you can’t discriminate against.


May you be touched by his noodly appendage!


Hooray! More moves to further stupify the public. Can’t wait to see students extolling the virtues of our Triceratops riding ancestors yelling “yeehaw” and “amen” in the dinosaur rodeos. Goes right along with what George Carlin said. The owners of this country have no interest in an educated public capable or logical, enlightened reasoning. They want easily mislead drones who mindlessly follow their deceptions.


I think I heard somewhere that satanism wasn’t created to worship anything and was basically a counter culture thing to mock religion.

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This is a truly frightening precedent. The slow but steady push towards turning the USA into a Evangelical-based monotheistic nation, where only “good Christian” values need apply, is a dreadful prospect. There is absolutely no value in establishing an educational doctrine based solely upon any religion or religious doctrine. But hey-give money to a Muslim community, and let them build schools which promote the teaching of Islam, and the reading of the Koran; then see how “good Christians” start howling…let the fun begin, praise God, Hallelujah!!!


Republicans at the top of their game - sadly.
Too bad that tens of millions take them seriously.


Offcourse they do this is the point .
Freedom of thought is dangerous.


He boiled for your sins.