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Attacks on Indigenous Rights Defenders Should Not Be Ignored


Attacks on Indigenous Rights Defenders Should Not Be Ignored

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Alfred Brownell

The attempts at political violence that took place before the US elections have almost been forgotten now and the country has moved on to other controversies. The perpetrator of the attempted bombings was caught within a few days. In the wealthiest nations, you see, political threats and violence are addressed and prosecuted.


These are government sponsored Hate Crimes, pure and simple.


They sound more like greed crimes. The greedy don’t care about ethnicity, or anything but profit.


The threats and violence are part of the predatory capitalism premise of ‘externalized costs’. Media has been trained to serve the dominator, the predator the king of the mountain while the “civilized” all rape the earth and call the natives of regions coveted ‘savages’, ‘backward’, impediments to development’… Another psychological version of "externalized cost. The consequence of the latter? Name any problem in the western model of society and note the percentage of persons thoroughly convinced that ONLY more of the same is the solution.


To more accurate, these are Corporate sponsored hate crimes . The Government is just one of the tools they use to impose there will.


Thank you for articulating that more accurately.