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Attacks on Medical Workers in War Zones under Fire


Attacks on Medical Workers in War Zones under Fire

Thalif Deen, IPS News

The growing number of indiscriminate bombings in three of the most devastating military conflicts currently underway -– in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen – are taking a heavy toll on medical personnel serving with humanitarian organizations — along with thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire between government forces and rebel groups.


"Laws of War"?
* War is illegal! It was declared so by the UN many years ago in its charter.
* Of course the "Security" Council, with its vetoes, certainly turned that around for its own benefit, didn't it.


intelligent, caring, valorous people are always a threat to the establishment-- to the cabal. these bombings on medical workers are not accidents. they are deliberate.


I am a bit curious. The US Fourth Reich decided that Assad was not toeing the line closely enough, so he must go.
* The Reich and its Axis of Evil brought in foreign fighters, trained and supplied them, and launched them against the Syrian government and Assad. It supplied its "rebel forces" with arms, missiles, poison gas, then tried to blame Assad for the outcome of that.
* I would call that just as much an invasion, or war of aggression, as the Reich sponsored and supplied Saudi invasion of Yemen, which also gets a lot of drone and intelligence aid from the Reich.
* The upshot of both of these invasions is that a huge number of civilians, and aid workers are being killed and maimed, all for the hubris and greed of the owners of the US Fourth Reich, the 0.001%, who don't care who dies as long as the profits continue to rise.


My point is that the Reich is the aggressor and is responsible for these crimes. It can't sit back and say "Blame and punish our mercenaries, we have nothing to do with it."
* It is as though you had a gripe against someone in my family, so you got the Mafia to set up a hit. The hit man, or hit team wires the family car, which explodes and kills the target and half my family. When I try to bring you to justice, you just shrug and say, "Blame the Mafia, or blame the hit man. They are the ones who did the crime."
* I don't think so. You are responsible.
* And so is the US Fourth Reich, for most of the endless, expanding, wars since 2001. We just have to figure out how to bring the bastards to justice.