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Attempted Coup in Brazil Seeks to Reverse Election Results


Attempted Coup in Brazil Seeks to Reverse Election Results

Mark Weisbrot

If you are following the news of political turmoil in Brazil, it may be difficult to get a grasp of what is really going on. This often happens when there is an attempted coup in the Western Hemisphere, and especially when the U.S. government has an interest in the outcome. Usually the information about that interest, and often Washington's role, is the first casualty of the conflict.


My friends in Brazil confirm the essence of this report. The oligarchy; back to their old well worn tricks of smear and lie...


The manipulation of the stock market, the printing of $, and the use of aggressive wars to ensure the hegemony of the U.S. dollar make me wonder if OIL prices weren't purposely suppressed to put strains on the economies of oil producing nations like Brazil (and Venezuela). It's a virtual certainty that if The People experience a major reduction in their standard of living, they will wish to oust the party that's in power.

In other words, the lousy oil prices provided less State money to pass around as benefits. And now The People are angrier and this puts their Leftist governments into jeopardy.

(Pretty easy way for U.S. imperial entities to put their control of South American governments into motion.)

Very little in the way of trickery, debauchery, deceit, and malfeasance can be ruled out when the world's most empowered nations appear to be under the control of banksters and a number of corporate overlords. These groups have NO respect for the law, neither the welfare of human beings (and nature).


Shock doctrine in action?

Once again the elites subvert democracy and Obama is right there cheering things on. Of course, Hillary and the repos would be there cheering on the coup too.


And they're going to keep doing it, for as long as people around the world buy into it. These "regime changes" by the United States need to stop. Since these coups could be used to assault ANY country, we need to stand against them. Forcing an elected official out of office, because the elites don't like their policies, is an affront to democracy and freedom everywhere. It is taking power from the people. I stand with the legitimate leader of Brazil.


I wonder when the CIA will stage one here - say if a Sanders got into office.

So far they haven't needed to, as America's population is comprehensively blanketed in massive corporate propaganda, fear-mongering, and militarized riot police who would pepper-spray or worse anyone for any reason.

If somehow America elected a genuinely left-wing leader, however, it's not as if the oligarchy would just back off. They'd escalate and try to force Sanders out of office. They managed to impeach Bill Clinton,who is actually further right than most Republicans.

Fake color revolutions: not just for non-Americans any more.


It more than a little likely the NED is helping fund these rallies. It is what they do.