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'Attempted Judicial Coup in Progress': Alarms Sound as Texas GOP Asks Federal Judge to Toss Nearly 130,000 Ballots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/attempted-judicial-coup-progress-alarms-sound-texas-gop-asks-federal-judge-toss


“The hearing, scheduled for 10:30 am local time, will come less than 24 hours after the Texas Supreme Court rejected a nearly identical GOP effort to toss out ballots cast through Harris County’s drive-thru voting system, which has been in place for months as a safer voting option amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

Can we hope for an equally sane rejection.


Get ready for the General Strike. They’re not even trying to disguise their lawlessness and depravity.


Well, this IS what republicans do, anything to short circuit the peoples will to their unsavory advantage.


I suppose we all should have seen this coming. Ever since it was first suggested that sometime in the third or fourth decade of the 21st century that people of color would outnumber white Europeans in the American electorate, those same white Europeans began in earnest any and all methods in order to maintain the white power structure that has ruled the USA for its entire history.
White america will not, I repeat, will NOT give up or share power. Period. If people of color make any attempt to take their proper place among the American leadership class, there will be blood. I can guarantee it.
When white people get scared, the guns come out. They always have,


There is a very high percentage of Judges who would agree with this request. The impartiality of the courts is laughable as is the premise of justice being served in general - these are the same people who can see a clear cut case of cold blooded, race motivated, murder on the part of a uniformed police officer and rule it not guilty. They are worse than most of the criminals they rule against.


Texas court has rejected tossing these legitimate votes … Trump is a known entity now versus a “shot in the dark” candidate, it will take illegal activities such as this attempt by his followers for him to get re-elected, the decent people of America need to be on high alert.


This election is not capitalism vs socialism it is authoritarianism/fascism vs democracy.


In an article in yesterday’s Arts section of the Seattle Times where a number of people weighed in on the 2020 presidential election historian Timothy Snyder and an expert on fascism said that:

“Mr. Trump has basically broadcast to us that he’s going to make a mess in November. So I think the most likely scenario is that he clearly loses the election, but he tries to get states with Republican majorities in the legislature, he tries to get the Supreme Court, he tries to get his own people to make violence in the streets and claim somehow that this is an emergency and that he has to stay in power.”

Margaret O’Mara, the Howard & Frances Keller Endowed Professor of History at the University of Washington states that she “fears post-election violence.” History News Network founder and Seattle native Richard Shenkman goes even further by predicting " ‘an explosion’ unlike anything we’ve seen in U.S. history if Trump wins the electoral college but fails to win the popular vote." As the article brings out, there has always been disruption in this country. But “historians say we’ve never seen a wild card quite like President Trump.”

Trump appears to be taking pride in the fact that he is not a uniter but a divider. It remains to be seen if Biden’s desire to maintain the status quo by telling people that the country needs to return to “normalcy” is what is needed to defeat Trump and chaos in the United States where the motto of this country should be to expect the unexpected.


Very true and have been well aware of it. We just have to develop the radical spirit and a strong backbone and, yes, some of us will be paying a heavy price not unlike our radical Labor past especially at the turn of the 20th C.


This will be among the least “liked” comments you have posted - and will post in the near future - despite it being at least as clairvoyant as the rest of your comments.

^i wish I wasn’t speaking from personal experience, but i am: “progressive” white Americans are - by and large - in denial about the extent to which White Supremacism pervades the thinking & motivation of their fellow white Americans.

(Un)fortunately, many of these “progressives” react in such a way that forces me to question just how “progressive” they really are when confronted with assertions such as yours - lotta frauds in the white “progressive” community🤦

*In fact, I’d better toss in a preemptive #notALLwhitepeople, because there’s probably a flurry of responses to that effect heading my way…


They are just going to have to be forced then by us.


There’s nothing sane about a judge confirmed during Bush, the Lesser’s administration.


True, but underneath what’s really happening is class warfare is entering it’s final stages, where the white working class is no longer protected from the ravages and disparities of capitalism. Republicans under Trump are merely pretending they will restore that privilege, while in reality selling them out just as surely as the Democrats have been doing. It’s tempting to think this is all about rascism, when rascism is just the tool used by capitalist class to divide the working class so they can continue holding on to their power.


It’s Texas, so those are long odds.


As i’ve been pointing out for the last several weeks: only (courageous) non-racist white Americans can “solve” the problems facing the USA (and by extension of our Imperialism, the world), at this point.

Force the racists to allow POC a seat at the table - that is the Divine Mission of genuinely progressive white Americans, in this “election.”


We can have this particular argument if that’s what you want to focus on, but i think you’re splitting hairs - whether the motivation of our opposition is racism or classism, our short-term response to them should be the same either way, no?


With all due respect ,
obama, colin powell , condoleeza rice ALL had “seats at the table”. Not denying that racism is a big part of it. Bit it’s not the ONLY part.


Vote or Rope!

i think it’s more primal than even that. This election is about White Supremacism vs Life On Earth

(#notALLwhitepeople, yes im aware)