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'Attempted Murder of Your Post Office': Outrage as Trump Crony Now Heading USPS Moves to Slow Mail Delivery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/attempted-murder-your-post-office-outrage-trump-crony-now-heading-usps-moves-slow


While I have to admit to binge watching Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday performance of Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land* to get me through these times, it is articles like these that just make me scream. Bob, my mailman and a great guy, deserves better. I have his back. Let’s not put up with this bullshit. The third of November can’t come soon enough. Barrel cacti in hand, you know what to do…



The USA is in its final days now. The USA is a fully functioning fascist plutocracy and there is no going back. And climate catastrophe is going to kill us all off. Everything is being murdered by the feckless fools who have hijacked the government and those who keep on voting for them.


Every day, I think they cannot sink any lower. And every day, they prove me wrong.


The fuckers in the government can give away trillions to PRIVATE corporations but can’t find 10 billion for a government agency. That is because their corporate oligarch owners want to privatize the USPS for their greedy fucking profits. I just bought something from a private seller in Vermont who shipped it to me in Nevada. He dropped it off on Friday and it arrived here on Monday. UPS or FedEx would have taken a week minimum and likely charged four times the amount to ship. Say what you want about the USPS but they manage to move things around fairly quickly and for a fair amount charged. These fucking greedy corporations need to be shut down with general strikes and boycotts until they actually serve the public instead of their fucking greedy investors. The USA is nothing but a cesspool of greed.


The USPS, and the National Park Service are the absolute best things this country has ever done, period! trump and his criminal, greedy evil cronies would be in their perfect place at the bottom of an extremely large, and full, cesspool!


I never tire of reposting my favorite quote pair:

“This Machine Kills Fascists”
-inscription on Woody Guthrie’s guitar

“This Machine Surrounds Hate And Forces It to Surrender”
-inscription on Pete Seeger’s guitar


My suggestion : Make the Senate an offer they cannot refuse. (If you know what I mean.)


Each day better than the next.


I would encourage my fellow posters and Bill Pascrell to stop acting like this is only a Trump crime organization issue, the repug’s have been working on killing the USPS for quite a while now, no doubt with neoliberal help.


You mean you really think there will be legitimate voting for POTUS in November? Michael Cohen: " Trump will not leave the Oval office in 2020". Trump has been cheating all his life and even if he loses will probably contest the election as being fraudulent.


Vote for NAZI’s? Accept NAZI rule! I’m starting to believe that no matter what actions are taken from here forward, that America will never possibly recover from its Confederate resurgence, the right wing neoliberal scum-belly republicans and democrats. After they sell off the fleet of jets to some billionaire for $5.00 apiece, they’ll be able to say accurately that the post office is unable to compete with the private shipping companies, who by the way are the ones purchasing the billions of dollars worth of jets basically free. the argument will be made for privatization and if the post office wants to compete in the future, they’ll have to come up with billions to buy new jets all over again, which of course won’t be made available.

It’s clear that “outrage” and “shock” and “dismay” (and what have you) are NOT shifting anything.

Don and the people he’s placed on his many wrecking crews - the “deconstruction of the administrative state” as announced publicly by Stateless Stephen Bannon in 2017 - have waived the privilege of remaining in the U.S.A.

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I would add, acts of anarchy as a last resort, but certainly an option.

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He WILL leave one way or another.

The end of the USPS is coming. After the pre-funding of all retirement benefits for possible employees who haven’t even been born yet, the USPS is barely recovered from that boondoggle. I have a sticker on my mail box indicating “I love Mail Carriers”, and my Republican(Trump loving Neo Nazi/Neo Confederate aunt) blames the downfall of the Postal Service on the fact that personnel no longer are from our area, but are “Blacks from Chicago”. My aunt asked me why I have something like that on my mailbox when the mail carriers are “obviously so lazy.” As long as there are people such as she and her compatriots, many Government services will evaporate due to under-funding. Republicans have also been trying to privatize the National Weather Service for years. I think people will get tired of paying $20.00 to mail a regular letter, and getting their weather reports from a subscription service. But, junk mail will virtually disappear…


Wasn’t it raygun who forced 64 billion to be placed in a “Future” employees retirement fund? where is that? file bankruptcy it will pop up then!

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Unless Trump wins legitimately. My Trump relatives tell me the current polls that show Biden with a substantial lead over Trump are just as phony as the 2016 polls that showed HRC with big lead over Trump.

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I personally wont vote for the beneficiary of a rigged election, and its already rigged by the sanders bait and switch and the countless irregularities of the primaries. As far as I’m concerned progressives already lost the election, and because of democrats, not republicans.


Psychopaths and sociopaths, the GOP is a criminal enterprise hell bent on drowning government in a bathtub to further their agenda of privatizing government services for personal profit and gain control of and suppress voting to secure their power. Like Black Lives Matter, Americans should be marching and protesting in the streets.

Drumpf continually and repeatedly is placing those who are out to destroy the very foundations of this democracy and that of a decent just society in charge of his crusade.

The kooks have indeed taken over the asylum!