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Attempting to Cement 'Mythology' of Stolen Election, Hawley Announces He Will Contest Electoral College Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/attempting-cement-mythology-stolen-election-hawley-announces-he-will-contest

Hawley just kissed his chance to be President bye-bye.


Hawley has joined the “Cult of Delusionality” cementing his own legacy as just another in a sea of GOP "losers."

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wow, they really can’t deal well with the fact that they might not be wanted.

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Rig the election?
I only added 15,000 absentee ballots.

Trumps refusal to concede
Is dangerous indeed
Sets the stage for Senate fail
to pass the Biden’s bill pail
Look for Trump to pocket donations
Forensic accountant checking his creations
It’s a weak house of cards with profits tease.
Income from management fees
Kushner can bail him out, the sleeze
Toward Exile or cell without keys.

The average IQ in the U.S. is about 98. The average in the south is closer to 96, but oddly enough, California is down there too. This could account for the fact that we have so many politicians elected who go to congress to fight against the needs of the people who keep electing them over and over while screaming for term limits on those elected by others.

I have never lived under a dictatorship the likes of Mao or Kim, or Hitler or Mussolini, and neither have the millions of Americans who are now clamoring for an end to democratic elections and a Trump dictatorship in the name of “freedom and liberty.” If they got their way (and it’s by no means uncertain that they won’t eventually) I wonder how they will take to being detained, searched, monitored, questioned and suspected of disloyalty to the Fuhrer all the time? Will it be just “As long as I am always loyal and obedient, I have nothing to fear”? Will the persecution of “the Other” be enough to justify their own loss of the freedom they love to pretend to cherish?

The Republican Party has shown us what it has become, the anti-democratic party of total fascism and one-man rule. The Democratic Party is now the traditional conservative party that Republicans once were (and Democrats were historically—you could say that they are returning to their roots.) Neither represents the majority of Americans and I still believe that one day they will move either into one party or some sort of coalition government with a single leader.

The pretense of the “American Experiment,” which of course never actually existed as postulated, is over.

That’s not all he kissed.