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Attendees of Secret Meeting for 'US Military Assault' on Venezuela Revealed


Attendees of Secret Meeting for 'US Military Assault' on Venezuela Revealed

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A group dedicated to regime change in Venezuela held a secret meeting on overthrowing the country's government last week, according to reporting from The Grayzone Project.

Journalist Max Blumenthal on Sunday revealed a list of meeting attendees he obtained over the weekend from a source.



I have to wonder what kind of false-flag op Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams will concoct to justify this latest attempt at Grand Theft Petro?



“War. Good God, you all, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” ~ Lyrics by Edwin Starr in a popular song during the Vietnam conflict. War profiteers might argue with that.



Well, who could possibly question Colombia’s wonderful human rights record, its record with the media, or how violent its democracy is? It’s a human rights horror show, deadly place for leftist politicains and activists, union organizers and journalists, but we the mafia don like the work they do. Who would question a leader in Brazil that not only praised it dictatorship, but said that it wasn’t violent enough? Wonderful company we are keeping, surely this is about human rights. If the far right gains power in Venezuela, they will ditch democracy and will not let the left take power again via democratic means. They want to turn Venezuela into Colombia.



What’s next? A surprise carpet bombing of Switzerland?!



Looks like the U.S. Fascists have nothing left, except a violent invasion of Venezuela. Watch for it!



I don’t see the US invading as long as Russia and China are willing to back up the Bolivarian revolution. Will see



Even the IMF is not recognizing US hand picked pretender to the presidency of Venezuela



I’m surprised anyone recognizes the prez we have.
So we keep on with the (regime change/ new world order/ imperialism) policy.
And ain’t nobody gonna stop it, until election time.



Let’s hope you are correct, but I do not see the U.S. giving up all that oil that they think belongs to them!



It is time to actively advocate for regime change, supported by foreign military force, here within the U.S. I mean, who could possibly object to that?



All of these people are traitors to the sovereign countries which they purport to represent. They all represent an imperialist one world government led by the United States. It does not represent either the United States and its people or the Venezuelan nation and its people. It is mostly about global dominance by an entity most of us probably don’t understand. It is an Empire and its domain knows no borders.



According to some polls, Trump has somewhere between 40/60 million people in his base and although it would be welcome by many, will never happen as long as Trump has that strong of a base that would violently object.

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“A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires…”
–Paul Simon, "The Boy in the Bubble"



Needless to say the ICC will refuse to prosecute any war crimes and the EU and other Capitalist lackey Countries like Canada and Australia will go along with this bringing “freedom and democracy” to Venezuela.

This pack of thieves are already rubbing their hands in glee at the prospects of looting another Country of its wealth. Venezuela is to be turned into another Libya by these scum.

Just to add and update this post. I just learned that the Government of Canada put another 43 Venezuelan officials on its “naughty list” , all members of the Maduro Government for “undermining democracy”. These guys WON the last election but apparently that not what “Democracy” is in the eyes of the Canadian Government. Democracy is turning your nations assets and resources over to Foreign Corporations and Guadio is all for that.

The Maduro Government is not “white enough” and gives away too much of the nations wealth to its poor rather then to the Investor class. How dare they steal what rightfully belongs to Barrick Gold and Exxon?



Let us not forget Iraq and Libya. Two countries that were destabilized by this cabal of corruption and death. How many other countries fit that category? We must realize that whoever is behind this - they have absolutely no concern for human needs or rights. History is full of this whether slavery or the murder, destruction and plunder of native american tribes in the Western hemisphere. It is purely demonic in nature.



Civil War?



How many countries fit into that category of take over?
All of them that are not already willing.
My question is, who does the U.S. answer to when the “New World Order” is in place?
Or are WE to be the ruling Gods of suppression?



A non-violent Civil War!



Yup. That’s the only kind we can win without there being a decades long underground war. Or maybe it will take that anyway.

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