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Attendees of Secret Meeting for 'US Military Assault' on Venezuela Revealed

Keep in mind as well that Venezuela is the largest competitor in the Americas for sources of heavy and dirty oil and the Koch Brothers are heavily invested in refineries that can deal with this sludge. This stuff is sold at a “discount” and when the oil from Venezuela on the market , it discounted even more.

This suggests one of the Canadian government’s reasons – economics, this time – for joining the campaign to overthrow the Venezuelan government. Tar sands oil from Alberta (some of it owned by Kochs) is similar to Venezuela’s heavy and dirty oil. So our petroleum-enthralled government is no doubt happy to shut Venezuelan oil out of Texas refineries, which could open capacity and reduce its supply/boost its price on the market. And Alberta just had a provincial election that was going to elect a pro-oil government.

Yep and that incoming Premier In Alberta indicated that unless BC allows Tarsand oil to run through pipelines to the West Coast, Alberta would shut down all supplies of oil and natural gas to British Columbia. Meanwhile Trump is much more open to that tar sands oil going South.

What goes on here is Alberta wants to be able to sell to China OR the USA in an attempt to push those prices up . Having a single buyer pushes them down and having multiple sellers pushes it down. It is always about the money. It has nothing to do with Democracy and “human rights”.

For much the same reasons Canada got on board with the Coup in Haiti that saw Aristide removed from power. Aristide was going to nationalize the mining industry and Bariick gold did not like that.

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“Cracks” ? What cracks exactly do you see?

Cracks: Did you notice how many Dem presidential candidates skipped the AIPAC conference?
Or statements by newly elected congresswomen?

Nax Blumenthal is an enfecalated tool