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Attention, Please: We Can Guarantee Healthcare for All Californians


Attention, Please: We Can Guarantee Healthcare for All Californians

Deborah Burger

With continued uncertainty in Washington over the fate of the Affordable Care Act, California has a unique role to play in charting a new path on health care reform – legislation that would guarantee coverage for all Californians, at much lower cost.

SB 562, the Healthy California Act, introduced by state Senators Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins, with the California Nurses Association as lead proponent, will receive its first legislative hearing Wednesday, April 26 before the Senate Health Committee.


"Real Healthcare Reform through a coordinated system with Public Oversight."

Up your nose, with a rubber hose Trump!

Fantastic article, Deborah!


This is crazy talk! Healthcare for all as a basic guaranteed service supplied by the government?

No government in the world does this, no? If they did do this, their cost of medical care would have to go through the roof, eh? Like, it would probably be double what it costs in in the 'States, right?



Tried it in Colorado but our neoliberal Democratic governor, Hickenlooper, led the charge to stop it. One reason we need a real people's party; People's Progressive Party, or PPP.


How about using the military/spy budget to fund it? Try stop wanting everyone else's resources and going after them with force!


The 20 plus trillion dollars Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for 2008 bankster bailouts would have funded more than a decade of Medicare for ALL Murkins.

With a history of little progressive legislation originating in DC during the past half century, progressive medical insurance will never happen in the US unless it originates in Caliiornia or a handful of other states that aren't under the control of the GOP. Although it will not be easy in California there is zero possibility of it originating in 45 of the 50 states.

Canadian single payer would have never originated in Ottawa...it took prarie province Saskatchewan to start a program that then spread province by province. The forces of evil know this and will pour billions into stopping it in California just as they did when they recalled Governor Davis when he was on the verge of signing single payer into law in 2003. Arnold the terminator vetoes single payer twice in the subsequent year.

As soon as other states see the economic boost progressive medical insurance gives California they will all join in.


In the Healthcare Biz, it is the "Nurses Who Rock." Besides, Governor Brown makes Hickenlooper look petty, and small. Go California, and of course, Go Nurses!


As a California resident, I support this, but I'll put money on it failing once the issue turns to funding and newspapers pick it up. Like it or not, that's the hill that typically kills single payer type initiatives.


In 2015, Californians made by far the largest contribution to the Federal budget. We paid almost $406 Billion ($405,851,295,000, to be exact) in federal taxes, or 13.46% of total federal revenue that year (source: IRS) and received back only ~11% of federal spending. That means we spent over $40 Billion subsidizing the rest of the US. That’s actually an improvement over past years–in 2012 it was $59 billion! That’s before you even look at all the money the federal government wastes or spends on wars that Californians overwhelmingly opposed. Our 2016 contribution to the US military was $61 Billion–making California one of the biggest military spenders in the world!


Apparently you didn't read the article or misunderstood.

Virtually every other country in the world has either a single payer system (as this article is describing) or a public health care system (where the health care providers are government employees). Among the industrialized world, it is mostly a single payer system.

That is, the government pays for healthcare, it doesn't provide healthcare.

Wrong, actually. The cost of medical care in the US is already through the roof because we don't use a single payer system.

It seems that your bias against government is clouding your ability to see the facts and act accordingly.


Its a non-existant hill for the newspapers to attempt to kick at. Attempting to make an issue of it reveals their ignorance of the factors at play here. People need to understand that a single payer system reduces total costs of health care- costs that everyone is already paying. It will trim the fat from the system. That's the whole point of going single payer. It cuts costs by cutting out the unnecessary fingers in the pie, fingers that are currently driving up the cost of health care. Surely you see how it would be cheaper to just pay the Dr and hospital for health care instead of first paying the for-profit insurance company and then maybe the Dr and hospital? As the move to single payer commences and the burden shifts, the overall cost that society is paying to have health care will reduce particularly when people can access preventative care. As it is, most people avoid going in to the Dr like the plague. They don't go in till really its too late and they are bad sick and that also drives up health care costs. The whole model will change, the total costs will change, particularly when people can access preventative care. Prevention and early monitoring are always cheaper than treatment and its necessary to get people to understand this.


I suspect ThaumaTechnician is Canadian and is being sarcastic.
I almost responded like you did but then I thought about their post a bit.


The same thought occurred to me -- after I posted. If so, I suppose I should apologize...


What gave it away? Was it the 'eh', eh?


California...Please Get this Done.

Incompetency, Lying, and Profiteering is really bugging me.

And with the election, American Idiocy seems to be the new pandemic.

The Vets will truly appreciate it as well.


Maybe so; however, the American Medical Association killed President Truman's Nationalized Health Care Act, and Dr. Price's, (Secretary of Health and Hunan Services (Trump), Association of American Physicians and Surgeons sure has destroyed any common good single payer health care system for the American people.


Yea, I apologize -- and you got me!

As an aside, but not as an excuse, I would say that, while I can tolerate a wide range of informed opinion, I recoil when the facts are mangled and often can't restrain myself. Of course, mangling facts is often the key to sarcasm, so I occasionally commit this kind of sin in the face of well-intentioned posts such as yours.


Seeing how Trump has added facts, logic, evidence and other proven concepts to his list of enemies that only he can save his followers from, we need to expound on as many facts as possible before Trump, Congress and SCOTUS make facts illegal.

Recall the tens of millions the 1% spent recalling California Governor Davis when he was about to sign single payer into law in 2003 ? They installed Arnold the Terminator who subsequently vetoed single payer twice.


Don't forget Enron F**king California on electricity transmission rates to the state in 2002, 2003. Also, Congressman D. Issa started the recall efforts agains't Governor Davis .paying one dollar per signature of supposively his own money in 2003, a lot of money for a signature in 2003. Finally, Congressman Issa, the only congressman with a criminal record, cried like a baby in public when he found out the Arnold move in for the kill to take away Issa's dream of being the Governor of California.


Sorry if I'm late, but ...ALL AMERICANS1