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Attorneys and Reporters Interrogated at Border About Political Beliefs In 'Outrageous' Violation of Rights


Attorneys and Reporters Interrogated at Border About Political Beliefs In 'Outrageous' Violation of Rights

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rights advocates are issuing fresh warnings of intimidation and repressive tactics in the wake of new reporting about U.S. border patrol agents detaining and interrogating journalists and immigration lawyers, including questions about their political beliefs.



“Freedom isn’t something somebody gives you. It’s something you assume, like your ears or your nose. So you go around living your freedom, until somebody tries to take it away. The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you’re free.”
–Utah Phillips



Agents of the US government who are opposed to human rights and freedom are very good at creating ways around the constitution and other laws. Some examples - this 100 mile zone, Guantanamo and rendition. There are those in power who work daily to chop away at human rights, dignity and the rule of law. They are enemies to free people everywhere.



Well I am sure that if I were in that position I would be locked up and they would just throw away the key. Welcome to Amurika, hope you enjoy your stay but remember, you can check out but you can never leave.



I cannot imagine how frightening and angering it must be to have had this done to you and I cannot say I can ever know for certain what I would ever do but I cannot help wishing these folks would never ever give in and push CPB and ICE to see how far they would take it. And then report on it in excruciating detail and encourage everyone treated like this to do the same. I am going right from here to donate above my monthly giving to the ACLU. These fascist CPB and iCE thugs and their masters need to be Held to account.
Our little banana republic tin pot dictatorship is growing horns by leaps and bounds it seems.



CPB & ICE agents: “You can ask us to count to Four or say ‘Bill of Rights’ (Amendments of the Constitution to which they swore to uphold), but please, not at the same time.”

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You might clarify that the 100-mile zone includes all coastlines, not just the land borders between Mexico and Canada, respectively. The “200 million people” figure derives from the high proportion of Americans who live within 100 miles of the coast.

That said, I’d be interested in knowing about any incidents involving Border Patrol that occurred anywhere along the coast far from the land borders.



The Utah Phillips reference is much appreciated, and places you in high regard.



So what happens when a half dozen unidentified carloads of patriots, armed to the teeth stop at one of these border traps, and we take over. Load up the cops (ice) and take them to a Posse Comitatus camp.
That would be a single piece of a large revolt. Who would sign up for that? Five bucks a day and free ammo.