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Attorneys Say They Now Represent 'Multiple Whistleblowers' on Trump-Ukraine Call

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/06/attorneys-say-they-now-represent-multiple-whistleblowers-trump-ukraine-call

Dear George,
this is yesterdays news!!
the term ‘multiple’ implies many.
and there are two. the first and now the second, who is rumored to have first hand knowledge.
Since there are so many people involved inside the white house, state dept, 17 intel directorittes, and overseas listeners, we have a long list of the usual suspects.

Does nancy have the votes to launch the actual impeachment indictment hearing(s)??


Has everyone forgotten about Trump’s Moscow Tower? Read the Mueller Report!


The CIA whistle blower, John KiriaKou, who went to the press to tell about the CIA torture program describes in this case he could not go through the hierarchy nor to Congress, because both organizations had approved and funded the torture program. He had to go to the press. He spent 23 months in jail while those who did the dirty work got promotions.,

In the article linked below, he recounts the example of Thomas Drake who did go through the chain of command, and the DOD inspector general even destroyed the documents he provided. Drake was charged under the espionage act and faced life in prison. The government case collapsed and Drake plea bargained on having a classified document on his computer which was retroactively classified. Maybe now that a couple hundred of Hillary state department officials are under investigation for emails and being on copy to lists, for documents that have been retroactively classified, more people are learning about the government use of National Security to hide fraud, waste abuse, and crimes. Both John and Thomas were convicted during the Obama administration which was the most prolific user of the Patriot Act in history but Trump is set to exceed even Obama’s record.

But the main reason for this comment is John Kiriakou’s comments about the attorney Mark Zaid who figures prominently in the Common Dreams article. Basically, he says Zaid is bad news.

JOHN KIRIAKOU: What was this CIA Officer Thinking?

I never, or almost never watch main stream TV. I do watch Free Speech TV, RT and we watch tennis. I do occasionally go through the channels, and maybe in my entire life have I watched an hour, or a couple hours of FOX news. But, while eating I flipped through channels and there was John Kiriakou on FOX news. He said that the complaint was so well written that it came from a group in the CIA, not a single person. Now that there are many whistleblowers in the news, this view of his may be the case. And he goes onto say that the CIA has its own agenda (recall when they spied on the Senate computers) and the American people need to find out what it is. Here is John in a 2:34 minute clip from Fox News

John Kiriakou on the CIA’s role in Trump-Ukraine controversy


So what?

I don’t care if they impeach the guy (although I’m not really looking foreward to President Pence). Behead the fucker for all I care! But what is improper about asking the head of another country to investigate what looks to all the world like corrupt behavior by a governmental official? We have a treaty with Ukraine that allows for cooperation in judicial investigations. I can’t think of a single president in my lifetime who wouldn’t have done something like this in the right circumstances (imagine what LBJ would have done with this shit). Trump’s just dumb enough to get caught.

Why do you think these people were paying someone completely unqualified $50,000 a month?


Hard to believe but your vote counts as something of value.

So you can do anything you want in another country and as long as you’re running for dogcatcher somewhere nobody can ask that your behavior be investigated?

It looks like there are conflicting laws, here. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. Biden is along way from being nominated.


When will the media stop calling CIA spooks whistleblowers. They are spies, members of an organization that prides itself in lies and corruption, at least according to a public admission (hardly necessary) by a former CIA director.

A whistleblower is someone who reports crimes or malfeasance within their own agency or department. The CIA agent assigned to the White House cannot claim such status since the president, while supposedly controlling the CIA, is not part of the CIA. Interactions with foreign governments by the legally elected representatives of the American people engage in policy – the members of the intelligence community are explicitly excluded from policy-making.

I am of the opinion that, as in the failed Russia-gate coup against the president, these CIA operatives are simply piling on, being that the intelligence community and John Brennan in particular have been attempting to thwart the elections of Trump, sought to keep him from taking office after his election, and pursued his removal afterward.

I don’t rightly care how disgusting the current occupant of the Oval Office happens to be at this moment. I do not support regime change. I don’t support regime change (it is, IMO, an act of state-sponsored terrorism) when the CIA replaces a foreign government and I am certainly not going to tolerate it domestically.

We need to get beyond this political gamesmanship and start concentrating on electing Progressives to the congress and placing a true Progressive in the White House. Perpetual investigations like other forms of perpetual war, only hurts our country and deprives its people from the services they expect and need.


What I am saying is…what is the law. Site’s such as this and the news media in general are full to over flowing with opinions. The only thing that matters is the law. If laws don’t stand and are replaced with opinion(s) we no longer have a Constitution. During these dark daze the bottom line is, I repeat, the law. Some one on anther thread complained that Congress subpoena’s weren’t real and I went and dug up Congressional rules about them to show they are. If there is a conflict in laws you have to dig further to find the one that has holding and is applied. It’s a lot of work, that’s why there are lawyers, sadly.


You make some good points, but the fact is the CIA is the foremost expert organization in manipulation of political process worldwide. When Jimmy Carter fired hundreds of their top operatives they didn’t open up McDonalds restaurants, these were people highly skilled in political manipulation. These people immediately sought out candidates who would support their agenda and put them back in business. Ronald Reagan was elected amid what would later become known as the Iran Contra Scandal. Reagan and Bush had cut a deal with Hezbollah in Iran not to release American hostages until after the November elections in exchange for all the weapons Hezbollah might want to fight against Iraq. The perception was that Carter botched negotiations and Reagan, the tough guy, would get results. An hour after Reagan’s inaugural speech the hostages set foot on American soil. The CIA didn’t stop there, now neck deep in political manipulation of American political process, they went about setting the stage for a single party system travelling under two names, Democrats and Republicans. No presidential candidate since that time was elected without being first approved and vetted by the CIA, until Trump. They simply failed to appreciate how hated their status quo had become.


By supporting the president as you do you are supporting regime change.


Yea if you read articles on Russian media they seem to be biased toward Trump

Yes “multiple” means multiple and the lawyers do have more than 2 whistle blowers under their protection. Trump is a sleaze ball, cheater liar and a very stupid lunatic bully. He’ll bury himself deeper and deeper in his own crap as the days go on. He was the “millionaire son” and that got him a leg up in life however his arrogance and stupidity will bury him and his entire family with him.


It’s not the CIA, you have to go deeper. I suggest you read the Federalist Papers and the history of why they were written. Yes, it goes back that far.

From my perspective, the coup d’ etat on November 1963 was a fascist regime change because the CIA used a patsy to cover-up their complicity and the American people have supported regime change ever since because the people culpable for the assassination of JFK, have gotten away with his murder! Trump is just the inevitable result of the Amerikan, Fascist, Mafiaocracy of the current Trump Administration.


What happened in 63 took a wrong turn in 2000. They are connected to a degree but not in ways you would expect.

I agree that from that moment forward the wealthy corporate owners and the MIC turned the tables on American liberty and American working classes. They began attacking our social welfare system, government regulations, laws and policies. One by one they’ve almost wiped out all the social gains made since the 1920s labor movements.


Andrew Bakaj says 'multiple"
George says two.
so, i was confused.
If truly more than two, suggest one eye witness needed to confirm a few of the details revealed by the first whistle blower.
I am sad that the new Ukraine prez loses cred because of this phone call and subsequent actions reviewing Hunter Biden appointment to the gas board of directors.

America was trying to sell CNG to Europe and we still are. I don’t know if hunter was there to grease the wheels or watch russia gas sales to europe or …

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I hate it when I make it a point to be clear, but people don’t pick up on it. I am not a Trump supporter. I have never been a Trump supporter. I never voted for Trump. I don’t intend to ever vote for Trump. Trump has only been continuing the regime-change policies of the former Nobel Peace Prize recipient who also engaged in illegal wars from the Oval Office.

Venezuela? it was Obama who laughably declared Venezuela a threat to the United States. Honduras? The regime-change event that triggered the mass movement of migrants north to the US border? Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton were responsible for that mess. Ukraine? Obama’s Ukrainian ambassador and Undersecretary for European affairs (Geoffery Pyatt and Victoria Nuland) openly conspired on a recorded phone call to name the coup-led government, a coup supported by the US and its NGOs. When the violent coup occurred in Kiev a few weeks later in February of 2014, the US made sure the expected leaders were in place.

At the end of the day, on the topic of US interventionism, Trump espouses policies better than most neoliberal Democrats and Republicans. I don;t care who is in office, I care about policies. Biden guards the status quo, so he is a loser. Warren is a stalking horse for Democratic elites who want to cheat Sanders out of the Democratic nomination again, so I will not support her in the primary.

Sanders is the genuine article and, like in 2016, will easily be able to defeat Trump in the general election. Despite his shortcomings, Bernie is far more committed to the policies both needed by and popular with the American people, Democrats and Republicans alike. However, if Trump is impeached and then, as we all know will happen, be acquitted by the Senate, Trump stands a much better chance at reelection.


So Kiriakou represents a responsible CIA operative but these whistleblowers are conducting a nefarious anti-Trump deep state coup? Sure, that’s possible. And then there’s the call itself.

The incriminating call. Followed by stating, in public and on camera, that two foreign entities should investigate a political rival. Then walking that back.

Well. Time will tell I guess.