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Audit the Outlaw Military Budget Draining America’s Necessities


Audit the Outlaw Military Budget Draining America’s Necessities

Ralph Nader

Top military, diplomatic, and political leaders have exposed, warned of, and condemned our runaway, unaudited military budgets for decades, to no avail. (For many examples, see America’s War Machine: Vested Interests, Endless Conflicts by James McCartney, with Molly Sinclair McCartney.) They usually come to the same desperate conclusion: that only organized citizens back in their Congressional Districts can make Congress stop this spending spree. Only us, Americans!


I recall an audit attempt during the 90s that concluded that the books and related legislation were so convoluted that an audit was not possible.

Can you say SHELL GAME ?


Ralph, read this. There is some evidence the military is between $6-$11.5 Trillion over budget!



Defense stocks are reliable investments for the wealthy. Most of them are pricey and not big movers, but they all offer dividends. It’s a perfect model for the one percenters: keep the small folks out with high prices and cash in with the millions they themselves can afford. Since you’re not investing in widgets that are subject to market whims, returns are guaranteed because the billions the top dozen or so contractors receive each year are also guaranteed.

Factor in those traitorous generals (who cycle from the military into the defense industry to keep the filthy gravy train running) with the strategy of siting factories in almost every state, and, well, the situation is hopeless.

Lastly, don’t forget about the arms we sell overseas. Nice swindle there, too. We give billions to Israel and others with the caveat they use most of it to buy our weapons with it. Profits in the defense industry are beyond comprehension, and taxpayers are subsidizing all of it.


1/2 of 1% !! Wow. That’s HARSH!! THAT’LL show 'em we mean BUSINESS (as usual…)


If nothing else, to me, the egregious, Pentagon budget that is rubber stamped by Congress, just is more corroboration that Amerika is nothing but a military dictatorship. The outlaw military budget will never be fully audited.


I looked at that number and had the same reaction.

half of one percent. That comes to some 3 billion dollars whatever will they do? What is that one less submarine?

Meanwhile 7 Billion to be cut from Child Welfare benefits.


The war profiteering, business never loses in war or peace!


I bet this scares the shit out of the comptrollers at the pentagon, the last time this was brought up a missile struck their office, killing most in the office.


And the bill, which was referred to committee is nearly a year old and going nowhere. Ralph strikes out on this one.


The ever-expanding military budget, & the fact that it is totally immune to any restraint or oversight by any of the so-called ‘brances of government’, is the strongest and most irrefutable proof that, despite all the pseudo-democratic window dressing, the USA is in fact a military dictatorship.

If one is to contemplate or study the true structure & behavior of the US government, this is first thing to start with.


If you want a good job join the Mammon Corporate Empire and/or join the Mammon Church.
Onward Christian soldiers
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before


If it would increase by 1/2 of 1% every six months, we might be getting somewhere.


If I’m correct, the military budget doesn’t even cover the billions that go to CIA “Secret Operations”. Another couple billion that is never accounted for.


The “black budget” which is that off the books spending that not accounted for and part of the Intelligence and covert operation budget was estimated at being some 30 BILLION in 2008.Edward Snowden estimated it at 52 billions in 2012.

THIS in and of itself is about the same as Total Military spending of Russia.


Coincidence? I don’t think so!


Please Ralph. Despite the fact that I attended the Green Party convention in Denver and voted for you in your run for president, I must take exception to your words as quoted from the article: “The Trump administration is pushing a new arms race calling for spending at least $1.2 trillion over the next 30 years to allegedly upgrade existing nuclear weapons…”

This expenditure was carried forward from the Obama Administration; it did not begin with Trump! Trump is in my opinion a nut case and should not be re-elected. However, to blame all the misdeeds on Trump is a grave mistake. The citizens of our country must take to the streets in order to stop the criminal ongoing insanity which threatens all of our lives. Can a country of supposed laws and justice for all it claims continue to exist as it is being run today or for that matter as it has been run for many decades? Citizens have the right and responsibility to defend themselves against a corrupt government which steals our wealth to fund nuclear war potential; and, wastes our time and wealth while doing literally nothing effective to address the human caused climate disruption which will end all life on Earth! People must, should and have to rise up. This is not a ballot box issue; it is an issue of life or death.


It wasn’t very long ago that every American was guaranteed housing support. Food stamps could be had in less than a half hour. Community clinics were plentiful for low income citizens. All of that money is now heaped upon the ravenous military spending. The billions stolen from highway drivers prop up the local gestapo police state in which the government backs 100%. Since the inside job 9-11 truth and justice no longer exists.


This is not glacial. This is a flood and a disaster.


Excellent and eye opening information. These are things the American public should never forget. Perspective, perspective.
What is raising my tailfeathers today, are all the past shady military figures coming out of the shadows. Seems some have slithered along for years.
I am pleased, the Orange Mussolini seems to be taking top military brass serious. Along those lines, hold on to your seat. Could be a wild ride.:v: