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'Austerity Has Won': Greece Submits to Divisive Reforms


'Austerity Has Won': Greece Submits to Divisive Reforms

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

After 31 hours of tense weekend talks—and five years of crippling austerity—Greece and its foreign creditors have struck a deal: an €86 billion bailout that will keep Greece in the Eurozone in exchange for controversial economic reforms that include tax hikes, pension overhauls, and severe budget cuts if the nation misses fiscal targets imposed and monitored by the so-called Troika.


Now we know why Varoufakis was asked to resign – he and Tsipras would have been in strife over this capitulation.

Tsipras certainly didn’t do the job he was given.


Bet you the boys at Goldman Sachs who lied Greece into the euro won’t feel any austerity.


Horrible–and for the rest of us too. This is NOT what the 61+% Greeks voted for in such numbers.


Time for the KKE to step in with real leadership, disengaging from the EU, nationalizing the banks and allying with BRIC.


Sometimes i get so mad at myself for hoping against hope, for cheering, for being inspired, only to have hopes dashed once again, as the inevitable happens.

The global mafia get their way, every time. The article even stated that Tspiras will have to clean out his cabinet of hardliners–ha ha–like people who want justice and life are hardliners, not the murderous global financial austerity system.

The global mafia are busy installing their own governments everywhere and once the TPP, etc., pass, they won’t even have to change the “leaders,” they’ll just grab your land, your pensions, your life, in their secretive, corporate courts.

Bye, bye, freedom. Boo on you Tspiras–you did have a mandate to leave the Eurozone, but you gave up your countrymen to the maw of the Troika instead. Power is hard to leave.


Yes, it seems Germany is winning WW3. Tsipras is soooo disappointing.


This wasn’t a haarschnitt (haircut). It was a scalping.


Here is a Perediction

Greece uses ore crypto currency than Euros within eighteen months.


Tsipras is obviously a sellout swine on the level of Barack Obama.

What is so very frightening about that is that Tsipras’ sellout to the One Percent came after years of serious demonstrations and work stoppages - none of which have even been considered in Amerika, for many decades. The Greek People make Amerikans look like the sleepwalkers that they are: somnambulant, stupid, staring into screens as they worry over gay marriage and idiot flags instead of getting out in the streets over the TPP and Neocon aggression in Ukraine.

So what will it take, to end the reign of the banksters and warmongering Neocons? If years of social awareness and protest throughout an entire nation are not enough… what will it take?


Why couldn’t they have just joined the BRICS countries? smh…


The Bankers win again. Welcome to hell.


Before we condemn Tsipras we need to ask one question, what threats were made against Greece that forced him to give in so dramatically.


Bingo. He wrote an article detailing the game being played by the bankers and their bought off government officials relative to how the debt wasn’t legitimate to begin with, and wouldn’t you know…I haven’t been able to find it again. I think it was published in the Guardian, and although I can find other articles written by Varoufakis I have not been able through several general searches to find that article anywhere.

After reading that article that was published just a day or two after he resigned I had no question that he didn’t want to be any part of what he apparently knew to be the upcoming betrayal by Tsipras (not that he made that specific assertion). What was puzzling to me was the timing of the referendum, scheduled for an entire week AFTER the closing of the banks.

I think the no vote actually surprised Tsipras as he was likely looking for a way out of the vice he found himself in.

But who knows?


Were Tsipras not an inside player and a sellout, he’d have called a press conference and told the world about the threats, while refusing to buckle.

Unfortunately, Tsipras has proven himself to be the Greek Barack Obama, instead.


Just remember they keep telling us it’s about democracy!


Markets are responding positively! The bottom line.


Sort of like “Giving up your birthright for a mess of pottage.”


Merkel, staring into her bedroom mirror, “Today Greece, tomorrow the rest of the poor nations, and then, the World!”

  • Her arm snaps out in a well remembered salute.


Excellent question. I wonder whether we’ll ever know the answer.