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Austerity on Trial as Flint Emergency Manager Slammed With Criminal Charges


Austerity on Trial as Flint Emergency Manager Slammed With Criminal Charges

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Putting austerity on trial, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Tuesday announced criminal charges against four high-level officials for their role in causing the Flint water crisis, including former city manager Darnell Earley, who made the budget-driven decision to switch the city's water supply to the dangerously corrosive Flint River.


“All too often, there’s been a fixation on finances and balance sheets,” Schuette said during the Tuesday press conference, “this fixation cost lives. This fixation came at the expensive of protecting the health and safety of Flint. It’s all about numbers over people, money over health.”

Kapitalism Kills. It’s the nature of the beast.


Just words, or will we see action? Action leading to the Governors office. Possibly Flint (and DAPL) will finally be the spear points of people saying enough and demanding real action.


Jail time is too lenient. Guillotines should be reserved just for the ruling class. Time to party like it’s 1789.


Oh if we could only relive the Obama years where the government does not “look backward” and hold such criminals responsible for their crimes. We must “look forward” to the glorious days ahead with no pesky regulations to hold back our Sacred Economy. These are not criminals - they are just forward thinkers.
Full Speed Ahead! Environment be damned!

/end sarcasm


Crimes against humanity, while being the New American Way, must remain crimes and the perps must be judged as the criminals they are. Service to the 1% must not have absolution automatically attached anymore.


The convenient thing about the ruling class is that, wealth and power being concentrated in the hands of so very few, the line leading up to the guillotine won’t be terribly long.


What I don’t understand:

Why are Flint residents still being billed (at very high rates) for the toxic sludge coming out of their taps?

Why on earth is the state resisting a judge’s order to provide bottled water? I know it’s about $$$, but really???

Why is Rick Snyder still governor and still not facing any recriminations?

How do these people sleep at night?


“unprecedented man-made crisis” is NOT an emergency. So, why would the “emergency manager law” be applicable? Its clear to me that this is a case of criminal negligence. Just because dude fuked shit up does not mean he’s not answerable to the people.


The city manager was appointed by whom: Snyder. Earley took his orders from whom: Snyder. Yet there is no mention by the AG Schuette of indicting Snyder on criminal charges…if not for ordering the disaster in Flint, then for NOT DOING A DAMN THING TO HELP THE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES OF THIS POISONING IN FLINT, WHICH IS EVEN MORE CRIMINAL. Interesting how a t-bag bast - - d like Snyder wants to shrink government yet who does this cretin call on to fix his state’s problems and/or bail them out: the federal government. Snyder will slowly rot from the inside out,he is so full of merde.

Earley is the sacrificial lamb to make it look like the state of Michigan is taking action…smoke and mirrors.


Damn good questions, but your last one is easy: " How do these people sleep at night?"


There’s documentary about the water in Colorado near the fracking sites. Wish I could remember the name. One of the people asked one of the company’s PR dudes to drink the water. It looked pretty nasty. Dark and several different colors. Of course he didn’t. These incidents are really nothing new, not that it takes away from the seriousness of it all. Over the years I started to wonder: Do our politicians eat better food or drink cleaner water than the rest of the populace? I began to watch anything on tv or whatever and didnt notice anything that stood out, other than I dont see any drinking from plastic bottles. But these incidents dont happen to them. How is it they never have these issues. But then it dawned on me that there are housing setup specially for them as well as fbi and cia agents. Its not abnormal or conspiratorial, but it is like that. Maybe there is something to that, maybe not. But it seems to be that our politicians have a 100% success rate when it comes to not having to deal with these issues. If anyone knows of a community in DC or Virginia that has had thes problems, say when and where if you could.


And I suppose gov. Snyder’s hand j0bs to the ruling class in the form of massive tax cuts for them had nothing to do with the further demolition of the public infrastructure…?

Kid yourself all you want, but we ain’t fooled.


More like the social structure being usurped by CEO capitalism.
Get a clue.


It has been to long coming for the corporate leadership to be pried out of their corporate personhood and become the owners of their own disregard for the people who provide their livelihoods.


…and great access to drugs, I’m sure.


No, it’s Crony-ism done by “appointees” of Gov. Snyder ‘Snake in the Grass’. Socialism would have had those appointees filling out job apps and submitting resumes, not picking some ‘manager’ that’s already proven to skim off the cream and leave the dregs for the ‘lesser’ folks. That 1789 deal…hmmmmmm…


And Congressional Pay Raises are not determined by the Chained CPI, like Social Security, which went up a whole $4/month this year. (Last year, not at all.)


For me, the Medicare cost increase exactly equaled the Social Security benefit raise. IOW, my Social Security check amount remains the same as it was last year. I get no raise again for the 3rd or 4th time in the past 5 years. Yet all of my utility costs increased significantly again this year like they’ve done every other year…