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Australian Judge Strikes Down Coal Mine in Part Because of Its Carbon Emissions


Australian Judge Strikes Down Coal Mine in Part Because of Its Carbon Emissions

Juan Cole

In what is likely to be the first of many such rulings, an Australian court has ruled against a coal mine in part on grounds of the environmental damage that burning coal does by contributing to the climate emergency. Burning coal releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a powerful greenhouse gas that keeps the sun’s heat from escaping into space once it has struck the earth.


A principled ruling by a judge that hasn’t been bought-off. Thanks to Professor Cole for his usual dedication!

The ability of the fossil-fuel conglomerate to coerce and manipulate (with collusion of numerous bought&paid-for elected shills) to “roll-back”, undermine common sense scientific regulations and action to attempt (at this point in time the operative term is “attempt”) to slow MMGW Climate change, is global, and nowhere more corrupt and destructive than in the US of Oil under the criminally-complicit and mental trump regime that has set us back immeasurably in so many ways on so many environmental issues!

The day the odious trump and his crime-family are standing in the dock, I will rejoice…sadly the integrity, respect and dedication to truth, and wisdom among the politicians and the greed-driven who control them around the world has been bred-out.


Aussidawg, did you have anything to do with the judge’s decision?


During the Olympics on China, people were freaked out by the dirty air and skies. China stopped a lot of car use, and wow, BLUE SKIES.
I would like America to declare A NO WAR ZONE everywhere on the planet for ONE MONTH–then I wold like REAL scientists ( not the bought of soulless ones) to show what happens in ONE MONTH—if the War Machine of America had to take a BREATHER. I bet people and the world would be amazed1 : )


Politically, it is necessary for US to continue to buy fossil fuel as much as ever and pay full price. It is not necessary to take delivery and burn it. It might even be cheaper in the long run to buy all that fuel and keep it in the ground. Hurricanes cause lots of very expensive damage. We cant be sure, but there is suspicion that greenhouse emissions might contribute to climate change.


Sure would be nice if Michael Klare, Michael Hudson, and Gail Tverberg would do an article, pamphlet, or book that would discuss how to get to a Green New Deal. If you don’t know the Michael’s, you’re missing out. Tverberg over at Naked Capitalism I found sobering, which is why I’m suggesting this. The dynamism our of current global economy seems like something a lot of folks don’t get. Not even sure I do, though my boarding school did start us off in the 60s with tons of straight “industry” documentaries [at age 10]. Much later I began reading Richard Barnet (“Global Reach” was one title). https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2019/01/peak-oil-story-close-not-quite-right.html


Say What?..“can’t be sure”?! By definition “greenhouse emissions” cause the “greenhouse effect” and that is what traps heat and increases global temps.

“The primary greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.”

Buy oil at full pop? From who exactly?

Domestically we should nationalize all US oil reserves and keep them in the ground! The fossil fuel conglomerate thieves/parasites have stolen (or been gifted billions by the Congress as “subsidies”) far too many billions of dollars from the American people into few hands!


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