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Australian PM Morrison Pledges to Outlaw Climate Boycotts

These people are sick. There’s no other way to summarize it.


From your perspective they are sick from mine too !
But it has been written .
“ No one does anything wrong given their model of the world .”

My imaginary friend says He wants you beaten up, and although He is omnipotent He asked me to do it. He’s also broke. Did you remember to pay tithe?


My friend who lives in Australia said this about the Australian PM …his thoughts .
Yes God will save us - total bollocks - white supremest fascist hiding behind a cloak of civility and his office. His pastors father is an alleged paedophile - such that the Americans allegedly refused him access when Morrison went on a recent state visit to meet his pal Trump. Stinks

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As an Australian citizen, I’d urge anyone reading this to void any product either made in Australia or that includes Australian ingredients -and of course, don’t travel here.

Not that it would be an attractive place this summer, with record heat, drought and choking smoke from bushfires set to plague the country for the next six months.

David, are you talking about Evo Morales of Bolivia? Tell us more – I thought Morales and Bolivia were one of the few nations in Latin America that was demonstrating how re-distribution of wealth and ecologically minded governance could improve the welfare of its citizens, and as a result, the U. S. government has done a lot to attempt to undermine Morales. What is the source of your information justifying calling Morales an “international criminal”? Or is another Morales elsewhere your target? Oh, and you forgot to mention a large group of despotic psychopaths in Europe and Asia, Erdogan in Turkey, Netanyahu in Israel, bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and Trudeau in Canada, to name a few. Apparently, only a very small proportion of self-declared “leaders” are fit to live, let alone lead. Yet we are all culpable, as we have a difficult time understanding our roles in supporting mass delusion (e.g., capitalism, private “ownership” of nature, justifications for warfare) and, in turn, their appeasement of the very worst of humanity. Not to worry about the fates of these specimens of despicable sub-human filth – they have nowhere else to go, and are forever going to be stuck living with all the beings they’ve betrayed, and neither nature nor humanity is likely to forget or forgive. Just the same, I can take some small solace in that I don’t have progeny to whom I must explain the sheer stupidity of humanity.

So, informing your fellow citizens of the crimes of empire is “distasteful”? Really, aren’t you the loathsome piece of work, i.e., excrement! Appeasers and collaborators with deceit and power aren’t only distasteful, they look really good filled with lead.