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Australia's Weak COP21 Climate Goal Sends 'Shudder Through the Pacific'


Australia's Weak COP21 Climate Goal Sends 'Shudder Through the Pacific'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Environmental campaigners, scientists, and officials blasted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday for unrolling dismally low greenhouse gas reduction goals for the upcoming United Nations talks in Paris, charging that the government of the country—already one of the worst carbon polluters in the world—is poised to dramatically worsen the global climate crisis.


The worst news is that Australia has repealed its carbon tax which was working and had already reduced between 11 million to 17 million tons of carbon over two years.

It is disheartening when progress is made and with a change of administration that it can be thrown aside and we go backwards not forwards.

Add the repeal of the functioning carbon tax to this tepid COP21 Climate Goal and you can understand why people no longer trust conservative government and corporate oligarchy. They betray all humanity and care only about stuffing their pockets now and nothing for the future of our planet.


Americans weary of our bait-and-switch electoral charades might find something familiar in these climate talks: a sense the game has been rigged from the outset. As it has.

At least, on the science side, the IPCC has done a good job synthesizing reports to present a cautious baseline where the minimal projections are beyond reasonable dispute. But on the policy side, the organization of the IPCC is like that of the UN: designed to ensure nothing happens to inconvenience the insane powers that be.


The devil is a conservative and he likes it hot


Backed to the hilt (or perhaps owned by) Rupert Murdoch, Tony Abbot, the carbon tax was soundly demonised during the previous administration, and so lifted Tony Abbot’s popularity when he scrapped it. It is one of the things that the media have successfully done. For a replacement administration to put another carbon tax in now, after Rupert Murdoch has done his work would be politically very difficult.

Other things that the media have successfully done is to demonise Iraq, Iran, Russia and North Korea, and blowing Iraq and ISIS up until the whole world, evidently, is or was threatened by them.

As much as Tony Abbot is a nasty P.O.S. (no question about it) it is really Rupert Murdooch who is pulling the strings.


In Australia’s case it is not so much “led” as “owned”. The local pub has been decked out with USA flags since early July, and they haven’t been taken down yet. Unfortunately it seems that citizens in Australia, by and large, blindly celebrate US independence day, and have not even thought about Australia’s independence from the USA, because that is not one of the things our media has told them to think.

Knock Knock Australia.
Whose there?
Nobody. Just pseudo thoughts planted by Rupert Murdoch.


Abbott is just as corrupt as his counterparts in many so called democracies. He’s a real prick in other words and people outside Australia wonder how he came to power at all. It’s like electing another Bush/Cheney. Are elections rigged there? The people I know from Australia would never have voted for this clown, so how did he get where he is?


Not for the death penalty, but understand what you mean. In the U.S., they build prisons instead of schools, which they close more of each year and for U.S. politicians, it wouldn’t bother me at all to see all of them in one the many private prisons they love so much. Life without parole would almost be to good for them. Most have committed treason after all and/or war crimes, accepting bribes and are basically complete scum. Am happy to tell them to their face too and have a few times. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get a meeting any longer with any of my representatives. The truth isn’t what they wish to hear, nor are insults, but I don’t feel I’ve ever insulted any of them, Just told like like it is.


Tony Abbot is in power because Rupert Murdoch put him there, and he will remain there until Rupert Murdoch decides to replace him.

Well you know … I guess it isnt JUST Rupert, and there are actually plenty of TV stations that he does not own that are almost just as bad, but he does own all of the newspapers that I could potentially buy where I live, not to mention Fox news, Sky news, news radio etc. Basically he is the Australian born USA citizen that decides what thoughts will be in most Australians’ minds.


I know your post is tongue in cheek, but the world wont be a better place just because our politicians learn to lie better, so there is no point in arguing for better lies. Be careful what you wish for.


This of course is a surprise to no one that has been paying attention but it may snag the attention of a few more disconnected segments of society.


Since the Federal Government is suffering from a type of selective paralysis, That being totally incapable of doing anything that the carbon cartels might disapprove. Looking to them for leadership in this would be as useless as looking for the Hope Diamond in a Cracker Jacks box. America’s leadership is every bit as hamstrung as Australia’s.


I appreciate your insight braithwa. Appears we have much the same problem in the U.S. so far as media is concerned. The daily propaganda and indoctrination programs are quite successful in controlling what populations think or think they know about history, politics, wars and so on down the line, even concerning matters of science. Those controlling the flow of information most people use, or are exposed to daily, is having the desired effect for those at the top of the top. This appears to be the case in so-called western democracies, and makes it extremely difficult to educate people who often are unaware they have been victimized by those running the system. It’s hard for many people to admit they are even susceptible to the influences of propaganda, but we’ve seen this before, as was the case with the rise of Fascism to cite one example. Odd as it sounds, we also see this same effect on people coming from the world of PR, or advertising products and is indeed, the exact same branch of science meant to influence thought. As Edward Bernays put it at the beginning of modern day public relations, or advertising, manufacturing consent through the use of propaganda to influence consumers to buy a particular product is a science which can used effectively in any area of public perception. In fact, this technique was used to entice women to smoke, along about the same time as the famous poster featuring Uncle Sam pointing outward saying, “I Want You”, followed by, “For the U.S. Army”, enlist today, or thymes thereof to influence men to join up and fight WWI. Sales of cigarettes skyrocketed and enlistments went up, although the masters of government still had to use a draft to obtain the needed cannon, or machine gun fodder, in what had been called, a Businessman’s War among the general public. Since then of course, methods have been refined to better influence the population and one reason their methods are more effective nowadays is people are bombarded with propaganda from birth and no generation is alive today that can recall a time when this wasn’t the case. People can think their own way through this maze of course, educate themselves quite easily if they choose, since the information is readily available to anyone who questions what they have been taught, but the reasons why those early advertising campaigns were so successful are still with us today, and moreso, considering all the new distractions invented since the early 1900’s, along with an economy designed to eliminate all the free time possible for most working people, so they don’t have time to think much about what government and it’s corporate masters are doing. Throw in the illusion of a two party system like we have in the U.S. and a few other things like class, race, etc, and those pulling the strings have successfully divided whole populations, all for the purpose of maintaining the status quo, while expanding it’s empire as much as possible using the people to accomplish it.
This system is so ingrained into the minds of people in the U.S., I am sure it will require some type of major upheaval to cause them to really think about our collective situation and see that we’re all in the exact same boat, put aside differences and unite against puppet masters. Hopefully this will not be the case in your country and it will be easier to remove these self-appointed owners from power. All my best to you in your efforts to affect change where you are and those of like mind trying to do the same thing, both there and all over the globe.


Worthy substitutes can be found at: www.popularresistance.org for real news and tools people can use concerning all sorts of issues.
I do understand how you feel about our so-called representatives and why it isn’t clear to every American these people don’t represent us is a little surprising, but then, huge numbers of people don’t have the time or inclination to examine what they hear and see very closely. Many still believe what they hear on the major networks for example.
In the case of Jon Stewart, (if that’s who you are referring) he lost me long ago after proving himself to be a promoter of all things from the democrats. He had many chances to pin down ones like, the head of EPA, but only praised her instead of asking about very serious matters the EPA was allowing corporations to do. (GMO’s, Fracking, etc.) Likewise, much the same with Obama. I’d have been asking him about using drones to murder, not only American citizens without due process of law, but also about all the innocents his assassination program has killed, but Jon only praised him and got a few laughs. I realize he’s not a journalists, but still, he had a chance to expose some of what they do or don’t do and he choose to just play along. Jon and many others have to know this so-called two party system is only a device used by the rulers to cause people to believe they have a stake in their game, but don’t. The more people understand all branches of government are bought and paid for by the mega corporations and the ownership thereof, the better conversation we can all have.


I agree with you and in some places, such as, Bolivia, a successful people’s movement has resulted in the election and reelection of a person of native descent. Something we certainly will not see in the U.S. or Australia I wouldn’t think, however lessons can be learned from such movements and Iceland did revamp it’s economy away from the various international monetary funds. Ecuador enacted a law giving personhood to our earth and in another success, Uruguay has a president who waits in line at the local medical center like most other citizens, so in some places, the voices of people are not only being heard, but real change is in progress. It’s easy to become a pessimist here in the U.S., but examples like the above provide hope it’s possible for people to cooperate and solve many of our problems on a global scale. All over the planet, we do see people organizing for the betterment of their country and because of such, popular movements are spreading. We just don’t hear much about them in the western media and we know why we don’t. I think most agree that corporate rule is bad for most everyone and everything, even those at the very top, or it will be eventually, since our planet can only stand so much abuse and even the super wealthy must have a planet that provides food, shelter, clothing and water.
I still have hope. Haven’t given up yet. After all, around 70,000 years ago, during one of the largest ice ages, the human population was reduced to so few people, they would fit in a modern day concert hall and we’re all descended from them. They were forced to cooperate to survive and in many ways, the same scenario is being played out now. I’m not sure exactly what it will take to cause people to understand we all really are in the same boat and while many do, many more need to figure that out and respond accordingly. Naturally there are going to be 7 billion different opinions about our collective troubles and solutions for them, but on some issues, most agree. Finding this common ground as people of the earth would help. No one doubts for example, that dismantling nuclear weapons would be a good beginning, since these are a threat to everyone in the here and now. It’s the one thing that can kill all life as we know it in a very short time and we’ve already come close many times. It only takes one accident, or miscalculation, and human beings won’t have a thing to argue about.
Likewise, global warming can accomplish the same thing, just takes a lot longer. That’s more like having a planet killer size asteroid already charted and headed our way, but because it’s far away, people keep putting off solutions to that impending disaster. The changes already happening are akin to a disaster occurring in slow motion like the beginning of a car wreak. People can’t help but watch, it’s the doing something before the final crash we have trouble with.
Yep. Lots to do and who knows how much time we have to do what we must about the really dangerous issues? I hope the link I sent you will prove helpful in your efforts and we sure need people willing to help all over our globe. I seriously doubt we’ll ever have much leadership from U.S. government types, so I hope people aren’t waiting for that. I think we’re pretty much on our own as citizens of the earth. Most governments are controlled by the big monied interests creating most of our collective problems, so if we all don’t get together and find solutions, I don’t know who else’s job it is.


The link comes up as a 404 error. Too bad. I was looking forward to exploring it.