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Austria: Drastic, Unjustified Measures against Asylum Seekers


Austria: Drastic, Unjustified Measures against Asylum Seekers

MILAN - The law approved today by the National Council of the Austrian parliament is a blow to the rights of asylum seekers, Human Rights Watch said today. The law, which is expected to pass quickly and unchallenged in the parliament’s upper chamber, allows the federal government to declare a state of emergency and drastically curtail the right to seek asylum at Austria’s borders.



Perhaps Austria's critics should look farther afield for parties to blame for this human catastrophe. What about the ones who caused it in the first place, the US with help from the UK? I think it would be apropos for both those nations to take all the refugees they created through their foolish and disgusting wars, regime changes, assassinations, destruction and murders in the Middle East. Now that would be justice!


Austria should give the ME a Marshall Plan. All the foreign troops would have to leave. The West is responsible for the mess they are in.