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Author Stephen King to Workers: Trump "Couldn't Give Shit One About You"


Author Stephen King to Workers: Trump "Couldn't Give Shit One About You"

With latest in long line of zingers aimed at president, horror master takes aim at tax proposal rolled out this week


Did he mean “one shit” instead of “shit one” ?

I don’t read his work but I agree with his assessment of Trump.


After reading “Dead Zone” Stephen King became one of my favorites.


“My newest horror story: Once upon a time there was a man named Donald Trump, and he ran for president. Some people wanted him to win.”

Bah, typical zombie holocaust story. Played out. (And the added twist that “this time, it’s the zombies who have the guns” isn’t enough to sell it.)


no, Shit One. As in, “things have been going rotten from Day One.”


Oh. Thanks for that.


Its not just Trump who “couldn’t give a shit about you”.

Better bug your Democratic Party Congresscritters to not vote in favor of “tax reform” since many of them continue to attempt to delude us into loving what they call “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, the most regressive tax reform ever…until now. Every Obama State of the Union Address included a plug for “tax reform in the spirit of 1986 reform being one of my highest priorities”.

Considering that 89 US Senators last week voted to increase military spending 13% (more than Trump wanted), you can safely bet your last nickle that there are many Congressional Democrats who have no qualms about voting for Trump’s tax reform.


I used the term “Flying Rat’s Ass” but one shit or shit one works just fine!

Thanks to Stephen King and all the others standing up to this regime of insanity, greed, and corruption!


Feinstein, Schumer, and many other Corporate State Democrats will talk about “the best we could do” and “moving forward” and other such “centrist” tripe.


Giving Congressional Democrats cover to vote for Trump’s plan is precisely why the GOP put doubling the standard deduction in the legislation. While that deduction is only one shell in the shell game, the other shells hide tax increases that will result in higher net taxes for the 99%.


The only Fiction I have read in the last 20 years has been some of the novels by Stephen King.
Every once in awhile I get overwhelmed by the insanity going on in the world and take a week off from reality and read one of his books.
What a crazy mind he has, but compared to Trump, he’s the sanest person around.


Am a great fan of Mr. Kong’s works, except a couple after his illness as they lacked the timbre of his old, and always wondered if he may not be, as we back then across the river from him, called ," Titched in The Head," but nope he tisn’t and this last statement proves he is a he’ll of a lot saner than 200 +millions of American fascist supporters.
He best watch out though as some brainwashed a holes may hold a book burning pyre at 50 Yardline pregame ceremony withhimon top of it.
In the land of insanity it is the sane who are the endangered.


Hello Stephen, and thanks so very much for all the imaginative books! But, can you please enlist Carrie, and her telekinetic powers to rectify Trump, and his lapdogs, the evangelicals, before they crucify this country.


I’ve read everything that Stephen King has written, and, no, he meant, “Shit One.”