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'Authoritarian Behavior': Israel Moves to Bar Tlaib and Omar From the Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/authoritarian-behavior-israel-moves-bar-tlaib-and-omar-country

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Is anyone surprised? It’s not exactly a match made in heaven (Israel, Tlaib & Omar).

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Former Congressman Paul Findley died on August 9.


From the article:

“Banning U.S. Congress members is yet another new low as this country abandons all but the pretenses of democracy”…

Proving once again the universal truth that all bullies are cowards.


“Israel The Only Democracy In The Middle East.”


When are we going to cease supporting this bigoted apartheid State and become an honest broker in the fight to Free the Palestinians from their Cruel Inhumane Occupation?


Despite all the abuse, brutality, and continuous violation of human rights against Palestinians, it seems no politician–anywhere–has the foresight, wisdom and intelligence to call an end to this charade. A one-state solution is the only viable, fair, and lasting solution to this chaos. It seems only young and old Palestinians understand this. It seems that not even their ‘representatives’ have the courage, the vision and the interest to call for this solution, no matter how long it takes to come about. In my opinion Tlaib and Omar should be at the forefront of this initiative now that they have seen the true face of Israeli “democracy.”


Netanyahu is a war criminal and anyone who condones or sits silent while his aprtheid government embarks on ethnic cleansing and a genocide of the Palestinian people has blood on their hands.


Trump is just following orders from his boss.

But hey Dems, let’s keep on talking about Russian influence and meddling.


So well said, from the perspective of wisdom.

I think USAmericans, if they ever think (already I’m in trouble) about Palestine, almost uniformly do so within the context of accepting American Exceptionalism as a divine bequest (you may chuckle if you wish, but I mean this literally). Because we’re so much better than the savages, we have a right – even a duty – to slaughter them. Israel is the 51st state at this point (or maybe the first), acquiring this exceptional burden by osmosis.

It is not the natural course of things that common sense, compassion, justice, or truth will prevail. They usually don’t, as we see. Oppression eats all these things for breakfast.


Look at how lost we are on all of the issues and urgencies – gun control and
Global Warming and the ridiculousness a “White Male Supremacist” in control of
our government –

How much have we lost over the last 50 years to the rise of the violent right wing
here and globally thanks to hack-able computer voting and the lack of any leverage
or control over our government – ?

Why are we without any ability to force this administration down?
To demand a challenge to the leadership?


Refusal to enter Netanyahu’s land of horrors should be worn as a badge of honor for these ladies.
If Netanyahu and Trump are out to get you , then you know for sure you are doing something right.


To a large extent, because that’s the way our genocidal, slaveholder founding fuckers designed the system. That’s why I have a problem with loyalty to this filthy Constitution. It just stinks. Vicious, elaborate, structural safeguards against democracy (a concept which horrified said fuckers) are how Orangeman wound up where he is.


The subversion of American foreign policy has been a fact for decades - the major perpetrator, not Russia, but our “special ally”, Israel, the apartheid war criminal terrorist state! The current major sycophant lying lap-dog, the orange pustule who betrays America as he eagerly does netanyahu’s racist bidding - two neo-nazi scum perfect together!

The other aspect of that subversion is the treasonous boot-licking by Congress members of both parties cravenly sucking-up to pro-Israeli voters and Israeli pressure - many also hold first-loyalty to a foreign power, including the Israeli fifth-column and foreign agents AIPAC. They should be forced to register as a foreign agent lobbyist if allowed to exist at all!

Too much spying (all forgiven), overt political subversion, fomenting ME?NA wars of regime-change, racist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, numerous war crimes and murders of civilians, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, contempt for International Law, UN resolutions, ICJ rulings and so-much more, not least the pathological Israeli supremacist mindset!.Israel is a terrorist state.

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!


Agree with you totally. Going on a long cruise to ports in the Med and the Middle East later this year and there is a two-day stop in Haifa, Litter Box, that I will completely avoid. Besides, I support the BDS movement and it may be safer staying on the ship.


Yep if Israel had it’s way they’d both be languishing in Israeli gulags.


Awaiting all the Putingaters saying Trump is controlled by the Kremlin saying Trump is controlled by Tel Aviv. Not holding my breath.

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Yeah, Israel is just like Amerika; a FASCIST and terrorist State…pretending to be a democracy!


So Israel won’t allow two of our US representatives in government enter Israel. Let’s take it one step farther. Let’s not let any of our tax dollars enter Israel either. Cut the bastards off. But before we can do that we will have to rid the Democratic Party of all the Israeli sympathizers like Pelosi and Schumer and many, many more.

Let’s give Israel a chance to stand on their own. Sink or swim without our help. Then let’s see how arrogant they are. Israel has become the modern day embodiment of Nazism. The Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what Hitler and Nazi Germany did to the Jews in Europe during WWII.


Soooooo damn true!


Why does anyone want to visit that shithole country in the first place? Israel seems to be going to great effort to increase “anti-Semitism”.