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'Authoritarian Impulses': Trump Suggests Stripping Reporters' Credentials Over 'Negative' Coverage


'Authoritarian Impulses': Trump Suggests Stripping Reporters' Credentials Over 'Negative' Coverage

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While U.S. press freedom continues to decline, "media-bashing enthusiast" President Donald Trump reiterated his hostility toward journalists who critically cover his administration on Wednesday, provoking a new wave of warnings from reporters and and supporters of the First Amendment.


From a tweet:

“if you strip a bunch of reporters of their WH credentials the odds of them finding out more about the WH increase”

Yes. The late great I.F. Stone eschewed “access” in favor of doing actual research into public records, and regularly scooped his colleagues. There’s less to “access” than meets the eye.


I think this is part of his campaign for running again in 2020. He does seem to have a good sense of who these rural voters are that support him and what they want to hear.


Credentialing is pretty much the wrong end of the stick. It is only a step or two away from “official” journalist. These credentials may be a way of vetting people it is really against the entire idea of independent journalism. We should not be “official” in any way. No more than any other citizen or person in the world is an “official person.”


I think Trump would call it “negative coverage” that global warming is not a “Chinese Hoax”. To paraphrase Orwell: IN A TIME OF TRUMP’S UNIVERSAL DECEIT, TELLING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT!


Call his bluff. Boycott the WH ‘press briefings’ and don’t cover/report on any rump administration announcements for one week. See what he says/does then! D**n media. Stop licking the emperor’s bare butt.


Fake news is anything that the white house does not agree with.


True. Everything that he calls “fake news” is most likely true, and worth our attention.


Coming soon to America:

List of journalists killed in 2017


Really; worrying about access is asinine. One only has “access” to the “news” they want to tell you, not the news that is there. In this administration, what does the press corps expect Sanders to say when they contradict her statements with facts; “Oh; Damn! Ya caught me. Sorry, I was just trying to cover our asses, but ya got us.” ? Everyone needs to stop going to the press briefings. There’s nothing there and it’s really only feeding his ego. More energy and time needs to be devoted to covering and investigating the destruction being caused by his cabinet. There should be more news stories about Netanyahu’s dissembling “Iranian” documents, as well as Pruitt’s corrupt grifting rather than “sparing” with the liars like Sanders and Conway, whom, by the way, if she spins anymore than she does, she’ll vomit on the air from being so dizzy.


Oh, man, we could use an I F Stone today. I read his weekly back in my college days in the late 60’s early 70’s.


Agreed! I read him in my college days as well. He was considered “underground press” by most of us.


Remember when Helen Thomas lost her WH credentials in the GWB years? That proved what a great journalist she was!


The thing to remember is that most Trump supporters and probably Trump himself consider the press to be a liberal conspiracy. He has set himself up as the truth teller to counter this conspiracy. So in the alternative reality right wing universe Trump’s threat makes perfect sense and is a positive.


Seems like kicking the emperor’s butt is more in order.


You are so right! Nothing will convince these folks, certainly not the truth. They are brainwashed and over the edge.


He is yanking your chain. Don’t let him do that.


Very true - The Fox sewer is the main component of “fake news” and this is what Trump supporters watch. Saw an interview with some folks at a recent Trump rally - they said they do not watch fake news. They watch Fox News 10-12 hours a day!


one of the first acts of a dictator is to take control of the press


Some people think Trump hasn’t done that because he is incompetent in government. That might be true. We have seen competent authoritarians take over in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey. When Trump wants to get a story out it is said he gives it to the NY Times and Washington Post, not Breitbart News so it is somewhat confusing what is going on with Trump and the press. Supposedly he reads the NY Times, Washington Post, and NY Post. Yet, he tweets watching Fox and Friends where he apparently gets most of his material for tweeting. the bottom line seems to be that Trump does has authoritarian impulses but has no idea on how to act on them to actually become an authoritarian. I think the thing to be afraid of most is some sort of national emergency. That could be a situation where he could become a dictator.