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Auto Bailout Controversy: ‘Gotcha’ Politics vs. Building Trust


Auto Bailout Controversy: ‘Gotcha’ Politics vs. Building Trust

Dave Johnson

In Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate, just two days before Michigan’s primary takes place, Hillary Clinton dropped a ‘gotcha’ bomb on Bernie Sanders, saying Sanders “was against the auto bailout.” (Clinton is also running ads on Michigan radio making the same accusation.) From the transcript of the debate:


Clinton will seek no "goodwill" in the general election. The sole purpose of her candidacy is to sustain the flow of corporate cash into the Democratic Party war chest, irrespective of winning or losing in November.


Is there anyone left in this country who does NOT view Clinton as dishonest?

Her supporters seem to admit it, but like people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, try to rationalize it as "that's the way the game is played".


Nix the last paragraph.

Can the Bernie "voted to cut food stamps" gotcha be far behind?


Viewing the economics of the auto bailout, most of the money General Motors (GM) received was used to reduce manufacturing capacity in the US and expand abroad, to the extent that GM today manufactures more vehicles abroad than in the US. Although the bail out benefited GM stockholders handsomely, has it benefited workers in Michigan and other rust belt states ?


Sanders refuses to call Hillary a liar, and it may cost him the election. It's just that simple ...


So why did the dem put these two items together---democrats controlled congress and the white house. They even had 60 votes in the senate??? Was it done to pass the wall street bail out?
People in Flint are still getting poisoned water----no money yet to fix the problem-----The wall street bail out happened in 3-three-3----3 DAYS!

Question---if Trump starts to go down will many of these people vote for Sanders?


I agree. Get on your computer and put this on Facebook. Hillary just confirmed that she is a liar and can't be trusted. Why can't blacks "Black Lives Matter" see that they need single payer health insurance for all (Medicare for All), free college tuition for all who study, great child care workers well paid to give our babies a good start and pre-school for all, huge infrastructure investment in good jobs for our unemployed and under-employed, $15 minimum wage. These are critical for blacks as well as poor and for all. Europe can do it. Hillary is trying to tell us that we can't afford it. But she is a friend to the military-industrial complex which wastes most of our tax money, besides causing ISIS by those who are tired of the USA regime change and bombing their countries into rubble so they have to leave with the clothes on their backs! That blacks like Hillary better is an outrage! Black Lives Matter should study the difference between Bernie and Hillary and get on the right side for all. Bernie should be winning! The media is showing the super delegates pledged to Hillary before Bernie got into the race. They don't vote until the Convention. Many switched to Obama last time when the Clinton regime ran out and "secured" early promises! If they get tired of Hillary's lies, they might just switch to Bernie who tells the truth. Of course, the Media is trying to not let that happen. Vote for Bernie and Media be damned!


Please add "another example of Stockholm Syndrome" to the list in your final paragraph.


A black lives matter spokeswomen on NPR yesterday told the reporter that racism is a silo issue, not affected by income inequality. She criticized Bernie for not getting it.
Seeing how the electoral map makes black votes count more in the primary than in the general election, I believe this is the last for chance black lives matter to connect the dots and acknowledge that racism rises in sync with income inequality. Bernie will reverse the rise of income and wealth inequality while Hillary will keep the gap growing...if she wins in November. A big IF when you consider that Trump is expert at wrapping his opponents' baggage around their necks, and Clinton has more baggage than all of Trump's GOP opponents combined.


Bernie has to learn to say "Hillary you just lied and you know it". I'm calling you a liar and you are interrupting because you know an explanation will prove what a pernicious lie that is."

How desperate are you?

Bernie is a gentleman but he has to understand a gentleman does not let a bold faced lie stand. Call the liar a liar Bernie.




We all need to write to Bernie and his campaign managers that exact point. I've told them in emails and phone calls that "advice."


Maybe he just gets so nauseated by her and struggles within himself: to joust or not to joust........ I say "Sock it to her!"


Are we supposed to reflexively "love and support" the auto bailout? Why? Because most of commondreams' readers are Democrats? The auto bailout gave money to the CEOs and stockholders, carved up pensions for the long-time workers, eroded the unions (who sold out the workers on this deal), and allowed the auto manufacturers to get rid of long-term employees to hire new people who would work for minimum wage. Then the auto makers took a bunch of their factories out of the country anyway. And took new shortcuts in a now deregulated atmosphere, leading to many mechanical faults and failures in their products. (Anyone been counting the number of recalls since that bailout?)

This all led to a spiral of unemployment, low wages, home foreclosures, and loss of municipal income for cities like Detroit and Flint.

I wouldn't be bragging about supporting the auto bailout if I were running for office; I'd be explaining what the bailout really was and what it really did.


Before Hillary started her massive lying campaign against Bernie, I was just going to vote for the Green Party if she ended up being the nominee. Now, I'm actively going to work against her for the rest of the campaign. I'm sure I'm not the only Bernie supporter who is totally PO'd and disgusted with her and her faction that has controlled and run the Democratic Party into the ground for the last 30 years. We have had enough and we are going to take back the party for the people. The only way to do that is for her to LOSE this election - either now or in November. It would be far better for her to lose the nomination, but she must not become POTUS, regardless of whatever else happens.


Glad to be proven wrong on that one!


If one was truly cynical, one might think that an HRC plant started BLM, or that HRC promised them something in return for their support. It makes no sense.


Thank you, genedebs!


I heard his response--he explained that it became part of the Yuuuuge bailout bill. I, and a large percentage of
Americans, trust Bernie sooooo much more
than HRC, Her Royal Cheater