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'Autocrats Deliver?' US Joins Brazil and Hungary as Only Countries Where Quality of Life Is Getting Worse, Social Progress Index Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/autocrats-deliver-us-joins-brazil-and-hungary-only-countries-where-quality-life

So, folks, how’s that Economic Liberty voodoo imposed by Raygun and still in effect working for ya, eh? Referring to autocrats, long list of them including the Koch snake ball, have been pushing for this very outcome. Only the Elect deserve decent living conditions, ya know. Democracy in Chains describes the long game played, and not it appears won, by the worshippers of John Calhoun et al.
Now, time to redefine the GDP to include all the unpaid work done by women, migrant workers, and the underpaid work as well. And not include the money spent on wars and exploitation of resources. Meaning…whatever a corporation gets in profit from fossil fuels or polluting will be subtracted from the GDP. However, when someone helps others for little or no wage, a fair estimate of the social worth of that action will be added to the GDP. Rent gouging-on the minus side. Building affordable and green housing for all-on the plus side.


Search for Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco

Read it. This crushing of people’s hopes and dreams acts in concerts with the rest of late-stage capitalism to create fascism, wherein a desperate and betrayed people becomes susceptible to leaders who goad them into aggression, into death-cult behavior, to commit violence against available scapegoats.

It will take clear strategy and solidarity to get out of this one. If we get this wrong, we’re also set to get the climate crisis wrong, and a livable future on this planet hangs in the balance.


Trump seems fascinated with what he described as ‚ÄúShithole Countries‚ÄĚ , so fascinated that he tries his hardest to make the USA one.

That will stop those immigrants!


The USA has been a shithole country since its inception. The proof is in how the Native Americans and African Slaves have been treated all these years. But the privileged Caucasian folks believe they live in some god blessed exceptional country. But that is only because they have little ability to live in reality. Trump is not making the USA a shithole country (as it always has been one) but rather he is simply ripping the mask of a ‚Äúcivilized society‚ÄĚ off once and for all to see, though far too many will continue to deny that truth as well. The USA celebrates and glorifies its shit.


You would have no argument there from me.

Now how get more than 6 people in the U.S. to realize that it ranks 28th on the ‚ÄėSocial Progress Index‚Äô?

I expect that United States scorecard score to drop rather quickly in the next 6-12 months, 27million future homeless, will put a dent in an already dismal score.