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Autopsy Shows Oklahoma Used Wrong Drug to Kill Man Who Said His Body Was 'On Fire'


Autopsy Shows Oklahoma Used Wrong Drug to Kill Man Who Said His Body Was 'On Fire'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Oklahoma correctional officials in January used the wrong drug to execute Charles Warner, who said his body was "on fire" after the injection was administered, according to his autopsy report released Thursday.

The Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner revealed that officials had used potassium acetate to stop Warner's heart—violating state protocols, which require potassium chloride.


Look, whilst I'm not against capital punishment as a matter of principle, because we have such a very imperfect system of justice, I would rather life imprisonment instead. That way he have a chance of correcting mistakes and miscarriages of justice.

But having decided to execute someone, the state should carry it out in as a quick and painless a method possible (if there is such a thing). Just Shoot the guy or use any method with results in instant death (head chopped off?). This fixation with experimental drugs and electrocution and suffocation and all similar methods which prolong the death spasms are sick and should stop immediately. People who advocate these methods should be stripped of all authority in these matters and sent to the nearest shrink.

The state must never torture a citizen to death. That's not what the state exists for and that is too disturbing a precedent to set. And those who advocate death by prolonged torture should be ejected from the state execution bodies.


Don't think this only happens with drugs sent to prisons for executions. Manufacturing errors occur all the time. The wrong pills in the wrong bottles, cleaning fluids in syringes, pretty much anything you can think of.

I trust food from a close farmer friend and the medicinal plants I collect up on the hill.


Not a response, but just a comment on the issue. Slowly, but surely, perhaps because of the actions taking place in OK, TX and other locations such as Georgia's recent killing of the first woman put to death in decades, the people are turning against the use of the death penalty and governors are choosing not to enforce it.

It's the other two branches of our government who need to change. The current CIC has qualified his stance and still supports "capitol punishment"
in only rare circumstances, but the current Supremes do nothing to even end such actions as those that have taken place in OK regardless of the horror of the killing of this article.


As long as the state continues to torture people, we are not out of the Dark Ages. This is just as barbaric as anything done by ISIS. There is only one sane remedy. We must abolish this barbarism and finally become a civilized nation.