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Avengers, Assemble

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/11/avengers-assemble

Fact remains these two are dealing with a collapsing empire - with all of the attendant dynamics/absolute lack of dynamics; the impoverishment so assiduously installed by the monopolies; the half century or so of hollowing out the functional infrastructure so that twits can diddle themselves into deluded stasis. I tend to think of it as a duopoly model of schizophrenic societal strangulation or suffocation. Good cop/bad cop kabuki crapola.

Keep in mind another dynamic on the rise: the revaluation of gold. The value is expected and being goosed to skyrocket.

Where is the new gold to be mined? Think destruction of the Amazon and genocide so conveniently being mounted by barf bag Bolsonaro in Brazil. Never, EVER underestimate the brutal criminality of the european empire model handed over to mafia and militarized monopolies. They eat the planet for breakfast. Wherever there is gold to be mined its equivalent in living biome and human creativity will chomped like so many pretzels.


Finally - a DemocratIc woman who is aggressive enough and smart enough to demolish the whole Trump-Pencey-Barrhole gang of nasty little boys! Go get em, Kamala!


I have great respect for Abbey Zimet’s integrity and point of view; a no-holds-barred zero BS commentary in all her very canny articles/essays, and this one is no exception.
We may not like the Dem ticket as Abbey writes, but we do like the progressive candidates winning and beating the snot out of centrist and other stooges, making a real and growing difference in many districts all across the nation (mostly) - they are wins for us all.
We also know and are very much aware of the agenda of the DP/DNC neoliberal faction - the Clinton & Obama camps -, but the considered opinions of others, like Abbey, who see this point in time as critical, should be given our attention and respect.


Blah blah blah blah blah

Gee you bring so much support to the effort to defeat the dictator

Make no mistake we have only one chance
Whether Kamala is you choice
We all share the Primary Objective


Yada yada yada yada yada

Gee, you bring so much support to the effort to elect the dementia king.

Make no mistake, we had only one chance
Now with corporate Dems the choice
For the loss we all share the Collective Blame


No, that woman would be Tulsi Gabbard, who demolished Harris with simple facts.


It would be more honest to say “Wall Street won, you lost, suck it up progressives–now bend over, we’ll use some grease.”
Possibly it still makes sense to vote for these creeps to get the Nazis out, but no thanks to pretending they’re going to fight for the people. They’re not, they’ve made that clear. They’ll fight for the oil companies, the drug companies, Wall Street, the MIC and Pentagon–these are our enemies. They cannot simultaneously fight for us.


Somehow, Abby’s normal clear-sightedness suddenly developed a big cataract --and, again somehow, she’s unaware or uncaring about her impairment.

Not encouraging.


“…facing an election viewed by many as a possibly last-ditch battle between good and evil…”

Some might, but I don’t.


So if Trump can be defeated at the polls in November, he’s not really a dictator, is he?

Also, if my Primary Objective is to topple the 2-party farce, we all don’t share your objective, do “we?”


No doubt about it in my mind and like I posted a long time ago; that a Biden/Harris ticket had been selected by Wall Street and the economic, elite. Wall Street always wins!


Having Harris on the ticket only reinforces my decision to vote Green. I was afraid I might have to consider voting for alleged rapist and liar Joe Biden had he selected Warren, another sellout but better than Kamala, for VP.

Thank you Joe from the DNC for selecting the person they had already chosen for president back in 2018. That is, after you are removed from office using the 25th amendment after two years in office (so Kamala can serve two full terms after filling out Biden’s)…


Avengers Assemble?

Jeezus, the marketing is getting sickening.


Empty dempty was marching off cue

So empty dempty had to be splintered in two

Now all the gangster forces, and PR machinations

Are trying to herd dempty back into formation

(at least until after election day, then it’s FU)


Might as well face it, folks, we’re screwed which is noting new for us. With either party in power corporate america wins and will continue to have the jack boot of economic terror grinding on the necks of the working class. The faces of power may change but the plight of the working class always remains the same.


Sorry but no thanks. I’ll vote for the least corrupt downticket I can, but these two neoliberal apex predators, no thanks. You can keep Obama 2.0 (Harris)

Maybe if the Senate flips (a big maybe) that could neutralize the worst of a second term Trump.

If they were determined to pick a woman of color, they could have gone with Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard. Strong women with integrity and honor. Hell, I would have held my nose and voted for Warren. But Harris, an emphatic NO.

“Avengers Assemble” - yeah that’s appropriate and fitting headline for this moronic age we live in. Let’s turn the collapse of America into a comic book storyline with comic book superheroes. That’s about the right IQ level of the average American.


Excellent comment, but I think your ’faces’ of power should have been written feces of power.


What the heck is happening? This op ed writer thinks we are going to decide the election :joy:. I got news for Abby. The people thAT decide this election do not read. Avengers assemble? More like Deliverance assemble. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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What else would you expect? I have been ashamed of Bernie ever since 2016 when he sold me and millions more out and indirectly in my opinion, in supporting Hillary, was responsible for the election of Trump.