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Avengers, Assemble

Nice work splitting the field
And getting us trump 2

We can move a Biden
We will never survive trump 2

Play to trump strategy?

Have you thought that out?

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You project disdain for an intelligent look at what is happening. Now it’s all get on board and become cheerleaders. Throw your intellect out the window and do as we say because we really have no choice. I think we may be doomed.


An apologist for the failure of the democratic party to concede anything to progressives. This election has been a mocking of democracy by both sides. Both are really unworthy of leading this country but what choices do we have. People always blame Nader for 2000 but I don’t think that argument really holds up. We might as well be getting Rahm Emmanuel in drag.


And that chance is long gone
No matter how much heart we put out
Woulda Coulda Shoulda is a pipe dream

Choices Are

Biden & Kamala. With a slim chance to survive
trump & penance with the death of us all

The only choice in REALITY

Or you can keep smoking that pipe dream when you will finally overthrow the oligarchs

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None of this matters. The current white house occupant ain’t going anywhere anyway. Face facts. And there’s no one to make him leave. The System is already rigged, and now he’s rigging the USPS. He does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences. And he has the US Supreme Court on his side should the charade called the “election” end up in the Court. They’ll select him.

I’m flashing back to 1984, with Mondale/Ferraro against Raygun/Bush 1. The Dems really thought they had a Progressive ticket that time. But…the Raygun Democrats shot them down stone cold dead.
Now we have the Grandkids of the Moral Majority/Raygun Dems. Same issues and same approaches. The Golden Years of the 50’s will magically appear out of the arses of purple flying unicorns. After all, a Movie Star, a real live Movie Star tells us so. That his Economic Liberty, his trickle down economics, his rising tide raises all boats still sold after four years of a major recession.
Now we have a Real Life TV Show Star!! Someone who’s a Real Billionaire with a hottie for a wife. And he’s telling us Covid will just go away someday. That the economy will roar back and we’ll be winning, winning, winning.
We still have an American culture that can not tell fantasy for reality, who believes in a god who will swoop down, rapture them up, and then kill the rest of us heathens. And, you can bet your very last petro-dollar the US of Abuse will never, ever elect a woman to a position of power. Hell, the same bunch vivisectioned Ferraro, good old southern boys and the Moral Majority women. It will be much worse this time around. She’s a woman of color, uppity…watch the hyper-masculine phase of fascism kick into hyperdrive.
If we really wanted to kick Trump out, Biden should have chosen another white male. Because we’re up against at least 40% of Americans who would vote for Trump if he killed puppies on Fifth Avenue. Then, once we got into the White House, we could go Progressive. BTW, we truly need to focus on the Senate. Trump can be trapped in the White House for four more years, with a mix of Dems, Greens, Democratic Socialists, as long as the GOP is so small it can’t swing a vote.


Excellent comment, Neo-liberals will not do much to change the direction the country is going in which is downhill.

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Incidentally, we can thank the CIA for bankrolling (and undoubtedly “helping” with the script of) The Avengers.
Somehow i suspect they would also very much approve of this vapid article.


Bravo! A rat is a rat. The Banana Republic will be destroyed by by those without a backbone.

right on, kaylie! u did a decent job of summing up why she’s an awful person, much less a potential v.p… other readers have also made their displeasure known with this choice and this article. it’s this sort of garbage supporting horrible neoliberals and faux ‘progressives’ like harris we expect from mainstream corporate media, not a supposedly trustworthy alternative progressive site. bad on u, CD!


I’ve been around this place since Bush’s 2d run, and they’ve always supported LOTE voting. There has never been an exception. Whatever virtues CD has–and they have them–one of them is not challenging power.

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Well said with truth and passion.

So “one more time” back to the only choice on the table

Trump 2 or Biden/Kamala

Ignoring it, simply plays to trump
splitting us plays to trump
trashing Kamala plays to trump

Great truth and passion…dems weren’t my choice either…so…

So back to the only choice at hand.
Deal with it…please.
Ignoring the REALITY of the situation does us no good.

And it pretty much guarantees a trump 2 destruction program for the world.

And frankly ignoring what trump is doing while continuing the fairly tail
of what we SHOULD have… is BS.
Really, overlooking NAZI sympathizers while you roll out the bad list
of Kamala. That is your solution???

When people here ignored Lesser of two Evils, however much and how bad it was,
it brought us TRUMP…thank you very much

Hillary would never have taken any of the steps trump has taken
and now… here you “Wishful Thinking” Ignorers go again

So your choice is not about the PAST, it’s about
Given what you have, What you gonna do now.
Deal in the lost past or deal as best you can in the present.

Trump or Biden

Or just go back to that pipe full of should coulda woulda of the PAST

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The fact that there no good choices left to the American people is by design. The DNC in fact COUNTS on it. Their entire platform is designed around advancing right wing policies so as to attract "moderate Republicans’ Schumer openly stated that as a fact claiming for every left wing vote they lost they could pick up two on the right. As they do this they keep those Corporate dollars coming in.

Not only is that corrupt but it an absolute slap in the face to the left. They are basically telling progressives to bugger off and giving them the middle finger and when those people do bugger off and refuse to vote, they have the gall to come back and blame them for the Republicans winning.


The denial is scary. People like Greg Palast & Brad Friedman were on the frontlines saying “ you didn’t lose because of Nader or Jill Stein , you lost because the gop stole & undermined the vote count”

Here we go again, ha.

Like the progressives have the power to throw an election, there is just too many sheep believing that the ballots aren’t being thrown out by the millions, good luck with that, abby & co.

I have a question for everyone at common dreams:

Do you really think that if dnc never properly investigates every major election, you think a Trite cliche marvel slogan is going to save us?

Folks, This isn’t a comic book. The dnc ALLOWED & SIGNED off on a state by state basis of god knows how many alleged stolen elections. All because the democratic leadership is terrified to say it: Terrified to talk about the ballots being sent to the garbage, caging people of color off the lists, voting machine corruption, etc

Now the GOP wants to limit voting increasingly in the lockdown era. Pretending to care about the poor & undervalued of this country won’t help you win the election.

When Pelosi opened gourmet ice cream freezer at her home, we all caught a glimpse. That person is not going to help our country become greater.

There are no answers sadly except one. Nothing can change until money as an incentive in politics is removed aggressively. Until then, give all the bumper stickers you want, Abby. This end of the Avengers doesn’t end on a bittersweet moment, it ends in total destruction of any chance of mending this political system. :unamused:

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“We can move Biden”. Man, that’s some bad hallucinogenic shit you’ve swallowed. The only place you’ll be moving Biden is into a dementia treatment facility.

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