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Avoiding Apocalypse on the Korean Peninsula


Avoiding Apocalypse on the Korean Peninsula

Rajan Menon

Defense Secretary James Mattis remarked recently that a war with North Korea would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale.” No kidding. “Tragic” doesn’t even begin to describe the horrors that would flow from such a conflict.


" Since the end of the Korean war."

It really never ended only only an agreement to end hostilities at the 35th parallel. Virtually a stalemate. Also, called " a police action " which was a constitutionally, illegal way to circumvent Congress and set the precedent for Vietnam and all future illegal wars without Congressional approval, like Afghanistan today.


The biggest obstacle to peace on the Korean Peninsula, is the pressure placed on any U.S. politician by the MIC not to negotiate with North Korea as the status quo is far too profitable to let something as inane as peace get in the way. American politicians must fall in line with the corporate narrative that Menon describes so well in the article. Just as it is against the law for U.S. politicians to acknowledge Israel’s nuclear arsenal, it is also political suicide to suggest an immediate withdrawal of American troops from South Korea or to discuss mutual disarmament of their respective nuclear arsenals.
While most of America’s allies are either ruthless dictators or monarchs, the media has never really discussed this fact with the general public as they continue to also conveniently frame the corporate narrative around such things as valuing the loss of innocent lives in the U.K. or Israel to a much greater extent than the loss of innocent lives in countries that don’t have predominantly Christian-Judeo demographics. Whether it was native Indians, African-Americans, Japanese and Germans, Communists or labour leaders, the U.S. has a long tradition of demonizing it’s enemies and responding with a heavy degree of violence with little or no backlash from the general public. Racism is at the heart of corporatism and no better example exists than in America. Everything from the ethnic breakdown of neighbourhoods (so that home buyers can be confident that the “right” group of people live there) by real estate boards to sell homes, to the massively disproportionate amount of ‘people of colour’ who get locked up for drug crimes (despite ‘whites’ selling and using drugs in equal or greater proportions) by an allegedly ‘color blind’ justice system, America defines itself by the old 20th century yard sticks of race, color and ethnicity. Corporate America reinforces these yard sticks every step of the way.
Until Americans recognizes this uncomfortable fact, the government will continue on its current path with little or no opposition. With the election victory of Trump back in November, the rest of the world is more convinced than ever that the U.S. is just a racist society that wants to change the world to reflect their own distorted views of how we should act.


Correction: should have said 38th parallel.


Like so many countries that have failed to genuflect to the prevailing world order, ie, one that is led by the “West” (more so the US), the unfortunate people of greater Korea have suffered immensely over the past almost 120 years. More destruction and death was rained on NK during the Korean War per square mile than almost any other area during WW2. We still won’t acknowledge the millions of NK civilians slaughtered. The profits from the “stalemate” that is the Korean situation is making the MIC richer; the ignorant articles by the MSM makes the average American either more stupid or more virulently angry towards the leaders of NK. Both are successful in furthering the fallacy that the North is to blame for everything and the South of Korea blameless for the fiasco that has existed. The MSM hardly ever mentions the sanctions levied on NK over the decades because they won’t “obey” the West. Try living in your own home where you can’t access the necessities of living decently, either for nutrition or health, or to try to improve your own living conditions. It is ironic that today we have a President who is depicted as “nutty” or “out of control”; we have described the leader(s) of NK as the same over the years. What could possibly go wrong??