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Avoiding Armageddon in Korea


Avoiding Armageddon in Korea

Rajan Menon
Or launching a war for the ages.
"Coming to terms with the reality of a nuclear-armed North Korea and trusting in deterrence may not sound like a perfect ending, but under the circumstances it’s undoubtedly the best way to avert catastrophe." (Photo: Getty)


There is no sequential development of policy in djt’s mind. He is entirely ad hoc, and that’s the biggest danger. The best hope is that Mattis and other professional military know better than to make war on impulse. And the Koreans have taken the first step away from giving him the chance.


Kim may be crazy (though there is little evidence of that), but he is not stupid. Many of this country’s pseudo-conservative misleaders are both. THAT is the danger, not a nuclear-armed North Korea, whose leaders understand very well that they could never prosecute a full-scale ware lasting more than an hour. Virtually no one in the USian military hierarchy has ever been anywhere near a full-scale war, as there has been only one since 1945 and most of its veterans are retired or dead. It is doubtful whether any of those who are still in uniform even had a commission then. They believe their own PR, that the USian military is invincible, despite massive evidence to the contrary.


You mean the “professional military” that has engaged in State Terror all over this globe? That one?

Mattis is a fucking war pig. What are all of those military exercises for? To wage peace? To promote stability?

I agree that Trump is indeed a very dangerous wild card thrown into the mix, but US foreign policy in regard to the Korean peninsula is squarely in the hands of The Generals.

People in the State Department who might be quietly sounding the alarm have been neutered. Tillerson just kind of tags along and looks for oil deals.


I think Mattis has gagged on the possibilities of djt as Commander in Chief. Listen to what he’s said to the troops about things like transgender service.