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Aww Look: Nazis Getting Married

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/02/17/aww-look-nazis-getting-married

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A marriage made in Hell. The monsters are trying to reproduce. I wonder if Stephen will remain a virgin?


I honestly thought this site was better than this type of hate-speech

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Well I guess it’s true there is someone for everyone. Even a cretin like a Miller found his female cretin counterpart. Insert full body shiver here. Let’s hope they are both sterile.


Clearly you are unfamiliar with Abby Zimet’s columns…


What blows my mind is that Miller is Jewish. The “hate that hate produced”. Thankfully we have Jewish Voice For Peace which embraces the sanctity of Life as a countervailing force. And Bend The Arc another example.


Hate speech?,what hate speech? The hate speeches are written by this demon dressed up as a sorta human! Lighten up, have another cup of coffee, smoke some good bud and relax, chill and enjoy the show as we all watch the world come unraveled one trumpfuck at a time.


Civility toward fascists is greatly over-rated, especially by fascists.


There is so much evidence that the duopoly, especially the GOP has followed Goebbels’ playbook for the past half century that comparing them to European fascists and highlighting their Klan ties is not “hate”.

If anybody should feel slighted, it should be the European fascists. Unlike US fascists, at least the European fascists kept the trains running on time.


I had to check the Handbook on Hate Speech, there are several with broad definitions. But yeah, it is what it is. I found this interesting:

“Since many acts may be harmful, and since society has many other means for controlling or responding to conduct, criminal law should be used only when the harm caused or threatened is serious, and when the other, less coercive or less intrusive means do not work or are inappropriate. This chapter uses Canadian free speech law and jurisprudence as a reference point, since the Canadian courts have been particularly obliging in raising and responding to the principal philosophical issues concerning the criminal regulation of expression. It concludes that the case for criminal regulation is weakest where the harms in question are widespread and diffuse and the causal link with speech remote and speculative. The case is stronger, however, for legislation such as the hate incitement law that is more narrowly aimed at speech which constitutes instigation to an unlawful act, especially to a hate crime.”

It is an interesting dilemma. Indeed it is making a separation in a particular way. It depends on how it is used. Not this article but there is a level of selective xenophobia here.

Isn’t Miller Jewish? Lol

Your reference to Miller as Goebbels is not quite accurate. The role Miller fills in the Trump Reich is much more like the role of Reinhard Heydrich in the Third Reich.

Civility is never overrated except by those with poor upbringing.

Abby has a tendency to create images with double and triple entendre … for instance, note the digitally applied ‘whiteout’ erasure in the shape of KKK hoods. Ever think about the spiritual void that KKK prejudices represent? And that those who engage hide/‘white’ themselves out with a hood in order to negate identity while doing their nefarious deeds? These characters have been ‘engaged’ in dehumanization and fostering of concentration camps with attendant abuses. All public record. Guess you could say now they’re getting ‘merried’.

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So you would have us persuade fascists to stop their takeover of the country with pretty words ‘eh? Got it. Now go back to your shuffleboard and turning in your fellow seniors in the retirement home for wearing slippers to dinner… ( I am a near senior and spouse is one so I get to insult you). Oops was I then badly brought up? I should have copied the ‘good germans’ during the Reich I suppose … stuff it Senior C…