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Ayatollah Trump: The Global Rise of the Christian Right


Ayatollah Trump: The Global Rise of the Christian Right

John Feffer

If Donald Trump goes to church regularly, he’s kept it a pretty good secret.



So if that is true Sarah, your phony Deity must hate America!



It’s time faith-based beliefs of all stripes were given the respect they deserve - none. Actually, mocking could be more appropriate, much like children enlightening their Santa Claus believing friends.



I have said it a few times here on Common Dreams .

Most of the problems in our world are created by human beings who believe what they think God wants and needs them to do.

Have we noticed that ?
Everything would change on our planet if we simply stopped telling ourselves that we are doing the will of God when we harm each other.

The greatest interest of all humanity is Life. This is the greatest interest of God as well,but we claim otherwise .
We imagine that God has a greater interest than human life ,and that is what allows us to waste it with impunity.
Pure humanism would never allow us to destroy Life sanctimoniously. Only Organised Religion could justify such a travesty.



Trump has no God in his life. Only a false prophet.



The Omnipotent Sky God is doing a lousy job, his/her favorite Planet in the Galaxy is a Mess with Wars being fought everywhere and millions of Children Homeless Frightened and Hungry.

Thank You Sky God for the wonderful Eden you have created here on Earth.

Ayatollah Trump has a nice ring to it. America has gone insane.



Within a quotation from a book by Eugene Linden, I suggest (on p. 4 of this: https://www.academia.edu/38670281/Why_We_Are_Doomed_and_Why_Thats_a_Good_Thing_) that Trump is better viewed as a representative of Gaia, and that Gaia’s intent is to get RID of that “cancer” known as humankind!



When Drumpf refers to “God,” I’d like to know WHICH one he’s referring to. If he has read Jack Miles’s God: A Biography, he would know that Miles found 24 concepts of “God” in what Christians refer to as the “Old Testament”! I’m CERTAIN that Drumpf hasn’t read the Miles book, because I doubt if he even knows HOW to read!

Also, if Drumpf had any familiarity with the Bible, he would know that per James 1:27, Christianity doesn’t even QUALIFY as a religion!

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Why are you blaming sky god Thor for our problems?!

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Yes, if by Christianity one means he is an acolyte of Christ’s teachings, I believe that would eliminate most people that claim to be Christians. I personally would prefer the term churchinsanity for the hypocritical Bible, trumpers!

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    Religion, being re-united with God, isn’t going away. As times become more crisis ridden,

different belief systems will be presented and immaturity and hypocrisy will always accompany them. Religious nationalism (Nazism as a religion) is like a sewer gas going global; and Feffer is good to call attention to that. America’s Elmer Gantry, today a gun toting, bible holding, flag waving militarist, stinks to the high heavens
But the universal human need, to transcend the self and world in the face of death, people having
an Ultimate Concern (Paul Tillich’s term), which alone brings meaning into our lives; there is none more humanly universal than the Christian message of universal (brotherly) love. Its truth, no matter how much abused, confused, denied, mocked; it needs adherents from all those concerned with a life worth living.



“One Day of Prayer, Six Nights of Fun — Odds Against Goin’ to Heaven:  Six To One!!”
(Theme from ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’, circa 1960, by Elmer Bernstein)

Trump’s choice of far-right Funny-Dementalist Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, like his choice of equally far right Mike Pence as his running mate, is no accident.  Both of them ardently favor replacing what little is left of “our” democracy with a “christian” Theocracy, and Mitch McConnell is aiding them as best he can by confirming Tweetle-Dumb’s nominations of right-wing judges to the federal bench at an alarming rate.  It looks like things are gonna get a WHOLE LOT worse before they get ANY better . . .

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From Killer Clown to Killer Crowned

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Sanders is a nut job - wasn’t her daddy an evangelist- right? So apples do not fall far from the tree.

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Guess they "forgot " that we have a secular nation. Ooops!



Which is money!



Unfortunately, we have never been a truly secular nation, in spite of the “Separation of Church & State” described in the First Amendment.  (Witness “In God We Trust” on our currency, and the swearing in of officials using a bible.)  These Funny-Dementalists want to turn Amerika into a “christian” Theocracy (if
I understand Christ’s teachings correctly that’s a non-sequitur), and they’re chomping at the bit to have a Constitutional Convention.  God help us if they ever get one!!!

p.s. Feffer should have put ‘scare quotes’ around “Christian” in his headline and sub-header, above.  These folks are stuck in the Old Testament, and don’t even begin to follow Jesus’ philosophy of love and tolerance.

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They are simply xenophobics.



Wish I could give more than one “like”.

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The one MAJOR fault within this article is right at the top - the headline! Writing from the point of view - my own! - of a devout atheist, the headline should have read as follows > Ayatollah Trump: The Global Rise of the ‘Christian’ Right. Note the quotes round ‘Christian’. Whatever one’s beliefs or otherwise in fairytales, the actual message allegedly spread by the alleged JC is pretty much straightforward humanist truths, if you ignore the god aspect.
Other than that - very well written, John Feffer!

Update: drat! beaten to it by UncleFester…

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