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Ayotzinapa On the Ground and Across Borders


Ayotzinapa On the Ground and Across Borders

Nicole Rothwell

The Haunting Agony of a Nation

The incident has become a turning point in Mexican history: A year ago on the evening of Sept. 26, 2014 a group of 100 students from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College in Ayotzinapa were attacked in Iguala, Guerrero by Mexican security forces.


Comprehensive article/report, Ms. Rothwell. You are, of course, correct that the Drug War creates a framework for institutionally-driven state violence; and that programs of this nature, becoming more widely spread (in a number of nations) work to thwart civil rights, women's rights, basic sovereignty, and any remote premise of social justice.

May another year not go by before those forty-three students are found... alive!