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Azaria Exposed the Reality of Israel's Colonial Project


Azaria Exposed the Reality of Israel's Colonial Project

Neve Gordon

It is no coincidence that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - who was then followed by a slew of ministers and Knesset members - has called for a presidential pardon for Israeli soldier Elor Azaria.


This is so heart breaking it's overwhelming. We know it's going on but we don't KNOW it in the way this story describes.
With Trump and Netanwhatever forming a new love, we can expect, if not contained, to be similar here.
Make no mistake, Trump wants total control, and will change laws till he gets it. He, like bibi, is a tyrant and sees himself as all knowing. People better wake up and realize if we don't want it here we cannot tolerate it in Israel. The US has the ability, if not the will, to stop it in both countries.


Elon Azaria.What a strange name for a Nazi Stormtrooper.


Just curious. What was Yusri al-Sharif doing there at the time?


I truly don't know what Trump believes about Israel, he first said he would be neutral. Trump is an opportunist and goes where he sees a winning hand. Israel will destroy its self, no doubt. What Trump does you can bet will be to his benefit. He doesn't really care about Israel or Palestinians, he cares what makes him look good.


I think that the name for it is 'etapism', step by step. We descend into barbarism, Might makes right. The survival of the fittest. The master race. Kill or be killed. Ein Reich, Ein Folk, Ein Fuehrer. A Chosen People.
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave us all blind and toothless. Arbeit macht frei.



What is disturbing is the total censorship practiced in the main stream media about these daily events in the occupied territories. Where is our allegedly free press?


I seriously doubt his ego would allow him to want to stave off revolt. Until he sees the masses in the streets he won't do anything to help make it better for the people. He, like others, will overreach and a tipping point will come.