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B’Tselem Calls on Israeli Soldiers to Defy Shooting Orders, Lest They Commit War Crimes


B’Tselem Calls on Israeli Soldiers to Defy Shooting Orders, Lest They Commit War Crimes

Yossi Gurvitz
B’Tselem, the respected Israeli human rights NGO, began a media campaign today urging Israel Defense Forces soldiers posted on the Gaza border to disobey “patently illegal” shoot-to-kill orders against unarmed protesters. Last week, the IDF gunned down 17 such protesters and wounded more than 700 of them. Another wounded protester later died of his wounds.


Who’s going stop them?

With the US as a sociopathic ally threatening sanctions against any country trying to uphold human rights in Israel, who will hold them accountable?

And who’s to say they wouldn’t have shot even if they weren’t ordered to do so?


Yes, there is the other edge of this particular war crimes blade. The vicious, beyond merely bigoted, hate filled, no-good-reason panic driven response of these “soldiers” (butchers) is pretty much “only good one is a dead one” character. We’ve seen so much of this ugliness. It is so massively pervasive within Israelis that Israel doesn’t deserve (never really did deserve) to exist. It is far past time to expel them from that blood-soaked land.


The judges found that there are “patently illegal” orders, which may be recognized as “a black flag flying over the order, saying ‘it’s forbidden!’”.

This is the one the US boys and girls are going to have figure out CAUSE THEIR FATHERS AND MOTHERS HAVE FORGOTTEN

Patriotism was clearly found to be the kool aid of Vietnam

Lies don’t work forever

For Gods Sake


Israel has been made to create chaos and spreading hate through racism. I have noticed the differences of opinion between US and European Jews toward Israel which is really very strange. British and Americans created Israel for serving their own purpose. But I do really believe that in near future US economy will no longer provide much help. The Israely leaders should be aware of that even they are now becoming the friend of Saudis. Although much efforts have been made connecting Israel and Judaism but that only succeded in the US. Killing innocent people would never bring any good reputation of this nation or its people. Spreading lies after lies and biblical crap through JCC, the political organ of US Jewish community convinces many young jewish Kids. But whatever they would try it won’t work in very near future. The best example is South Africa. But South Africa has vast natural resources which Israel doesn’t have. They think that have natural gas reserve in the sea but that’s not enough to draw many financers. In a way, they have to rely on the others. When US loses its interest that will never return. Just wait for another few decades when fossil fuel will no longer be necessary or its use will go down substantially.


I agree with your post. Their nuclear capability, though, will keep them funded by the US for awhile, since they are strategically important as long as the US relies on oil. When we (if we’re allowed to ) turn green, and oil isn’t the foundation of our economy, israel will certainly lose its prominence as a dictator of policy for the US, which is run by a cabal of oil magnates and organized crime.