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Babies Born Near Oil and Gas Wells Are Up to 70% More Likely to Have Congenital Heart Defects, New Study Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/babies-born-near-oil-and-gas-wells-are-70-more-likely-have-congenital-heart-defects


These innocent babies are largely born into families of Trump voters, who excel at voting against their best interests. I take no schadenfreude at this, but do feel that without better education in this country, similar stories will play out for whatever generations are capable of making it through climate change.


CRAPitalists* Who Make Their Million Dollar Fortunes From Oil and Gas Wells Are Up to 100% More Likely to Have Congenital Brain And Soul Defects, Every Old And New Study Shows …

*Crony + Capitalist = CRAPitalist …


don’t tell me you are surprised to learn this horror? corporate capitalists thrive on our demise.


Wiebo Ludwig gained infamy in the Province of Alberta when he started sabotaging gas well heads near his farm. He claimed that the Sour gas from the wells caused children to be still born and affected the health of his cattle. He was dismissed as a lunatic by the Media. Before he resorted to the bombings he had lobbied the Government for years to investigate the hazards posed by these wells.

This was close to 30 years ago. I am sure there were scientists and Government officials and Oil Company executives aware of these health hazards long before this latest study.


Is it not time to address the issue. Seems like we need to remove the “limited liability” granted to those who gamble by investing in fossil energy. Why should this group of people not face the “you broke it, you fix it” responsibility that is essential in a democracy. Let’s pass new business laws, at the country level first, that those who harm, the owners of the companies who do the harm, are fiscally responsible for what they do. Owners need to understand that investing has up side and down side risk. It seems just insane that these people can do great harm and then others have to cough up the cash to pay for their mistakes. No more limited liability. You broke it, you pay for it.


This is just another externalized cost.

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From oil and gas damage to Life including children, to pesticides-two examples–the “pro-lifers” really do put on display their concern for children but only as fetuses. Capitalism is the handmaiden of the “culture” of death.


I hope that physicians, schools, nurses, and certainly the real estate industry in Colorado can publicize this information and get the frackers shut down.

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They’re also amidst the homes (and FARMS) of folks “both sides” of our duopoly take turns belittling and denigrating? In Pennsylvania, slick-water fracking began during (MSDNC’s) Ed Rendell kleptocracy; who threatened their DEP to refrain reporting radium-flavored fracking brine and methane, ethane, etc, poisoning wells, aquifers, streams and the air. “Produced water” was simply watered down to meet bogus industry-set criteria, then unceremoniously sold to 850K locals or sprayed as road salt or oil. Of all the DNC candidates “debating,” I’d counted ~17 there to kill any Green New Deal. Novel cancers are showing up around Pittsburgh, already. And with $83B to turn the Ohio into wet-gas Cancer Valley and NYC switching from mob heating oil to PA fracked gas. There’ll be scores-of-thousands of leaky wells abandoned across the Marcellus.


Cancer Hospitals are a rapidly growing Industry in this nation. I am sure a lot of Big Energy investors got in on the ground floor.


Exemplified, as I have often pointed out, by their referring to all af that LIFE that resides above their precious oil and gas and Coal as “oberburden”.

That they must destroy life so as to garner profits off the residue of death that is below makes them Ghouls by defintion.

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Cancer is a much more complicated story than the congenital problem being discussed here. I’m for a totally different world on chemical exposure - more bans, more regulation. But cancer rates are also affected be more people living longer, an aging population (a good thing as we get off this moronic population pyramid), and for lung cancer a bunch of smokers still in the population. A good discussion on this is at https://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2016/10/12/more-people-are-getting-cancer-but-what-do-the-numbers-really-mean/

But on this story, I hope the results will lead to more bans and more regulations in areas that aren’t banned. And as the article mentions, air pollution from poor quality devices that consume the fossil fuels are a significant issue also. We need much stricter vehicle emissions standards and rules for getting rid of older vehicles on the road.

Yunz kidding an’at? Pennsylvania’s largest employer’s UPMC (formerly, one of the planet’s GREAT, original liver & multi-organ transplant, immunotherapy, electro-magnetic heart, GE pig replacement organ… money-laundering machines. Their 780’ (former US Steel/ Rockwell International) skyscraper is but one of the garish giant logotype bearing headquarters to grace the ethane flaring Mordor of Appalachia. “America’s most liveable city,” if you don’t mind drinking from fracked reservoirs and playgrounds amidst 45yr old reactors? We easily match TOTAL opioid death o’ despair statistics with giant Philly & NYC! Local media spews Energy in Depth lies!


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There is EMF damage occuring also that is swept under the rug. EMF, like sunshine, causes cancer with excessive exposure. Higher frequencies running through the same old housing wires. Cell towers. Devices everywhere are being made thinner while carrying more power. All kinds of cheapened electric toys and tools to sleep with lacking adequate insulation.
Electric monitoring day in and day out. Warming seats, warming blankets, all have been cited. Techy stuff can be made safely and used safely, but the public is not even being told where the dangers lie.

What could go wrong?

But EMF (general use of the word implies lower frequency than light such as cell phones, microwave ovens, FM radio etc.) is not like sunshine because no part of it is ionizing. The sun has a portion of its spectrum in the start of the ionizing range (https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/uv-radiation.html). As much as people fear EMF there is still no accepted theory that it is harmful to humans as long as it stays below the level where cell damage can occur from heating (a microwave oven will easily kill living things if they are put inside). This is not true of the sun and of course not true with even higher frequencies like X-rays. These can cause damage well below the heating point.

Exactly what i said, the public has not been told.
Items cited for EMF causing cancer:
Radar guns used by police and held in their laps,
cases of knee, eye, testicular cancer
Laptops cited for testicular cancer
Woman runner carrying phone in bra, breast
cancer at that location
Car seat warmers
Electric blankets
Cell towers

I could cite articles for all these however this is off topic. EMF wont get an article written for a long time. But dont sleep with your phone.

Yes indeed - let’s call it socially responsible capitalism where companies apply to operate with legally binding inputs/outputs/employment etc… Applications to operate businesses that will poison the air, pollute the air, or add unacceptable amounts of greenhouse gases will be rejected outright.
Imagine that!