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Baby Teeth of Iraqi Children Tell Troubling Tale of War's Toxic Impacts


Baby Teeth of Iraqi Children Tell Troubling Tale of War's Toxic Impacts

Jon Queally, staff writer

In an effort to learn more about the impacts of long-term exposure to heavy metals and other toxins associated with warzone bombardments and military installations, a new study released Friday examined a sample of donated teeth and discovered that the children of Iraq are suffering from alarming levels of such substances, specfically lead.


All those centrist voters supporting the U.S. war machine can add these dead bodies to the gruesome tally of their politics.
Oh so patriotic, Christian and moral!


Perhaps Clinton doesn’t really love children as much as she says she does ?


G.H.W. Bush war criminal used DEPLETED URANIUM IN IRAQ again’t the Iraqi people defending their country in 1990-1991. The U.S. military left the depleted uranium on the ground for it to blow around in the wind for Iraqi kids to play in, BUSH DID NOT CARE! No fly zones, and an embargo soon followed leaving hundreds of thousands of IRAQI CHILDREN MALNOURISHED, and lacking proper medicine. War criminal Bill Clinton continued Bush’s policy toward the Iraqi people. Secretary of State under Clinton, Madeleine Albright was asked by Lesley Stahl about the 500,000 dead Iraqi children who died because of the U.S.embargo again’t the Iraqi people, ALBRIGHTSAID, IT WAS WORTH IT. By the way, Albright went on to receive the U.S. Medal of Freedom in 2012 from war criminal Obama. Stop the madness America. GO Green in 2016, Vote Dr. Jill Stein, M.D.!


More proof of the USA committing War Crimes against the people of the world.


Interesting that they apparently didn’t even look at tha depleted uranium.


Why would anyone vote for more of this? Why are we still occupying countries that lost WWII, and why have we built this empire? Is any of this even Constitutional or moral? When does it stop? Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump at all.


My thoughts also.


They just called it “metals.”


I have lived long enough to see retribution for unjust deeds-they do eventually catch up with the perpetrators. What people fail to realize is that the bombs of deleted uranium are in reality nuclear weapons. Yep–nuclear weapons. And they cause birth defects and cancer. Those afflictions have manifested for years. We will never know the motive behind 9/11 because the Sauds were behind it and the Bush administration hid that from us for some dastardly reason. But our murderous response and the killing and poisoning of civilians will haunt us as a nation and we will pay. In fact, the demise of our republic, the slow, sad demise of our republic is at hand. You can’t do this kind of thing and not die morally, internally as a nation.


That’s not the only thing that’s had a severe impact on those poor kids!


Hmmmm, I wonder what the baby teeth of Palestinian children would read out to?


I don’t know if you meant “bomb” metaphorically Ticki. Depleted uranium is used in large shells that have the nasty property of cutting through steel like a warm knife through soft butter. The military loves it for obvious reasons but it hangs around and poisons the land and air, not just as a heavy metal but as radiation causing carcinogen.


Well as her “special Hell” pal Albright likes to say “It was worth it”.


these children’s bodies go on the US death card which, though not yet of Hitlerian, Stalinist or Maoist proportions. Leads in the post 1965 period.


Yep. I may have stated it incorrectly from a technical point but I did mean those kind of bombs. The military says they aren’t dangerous because it’s depleted uranium but once it is released into the “air and oxidizes” (or something like that) it becomes lethal as radiation-ergo nuclear weaponry. How horrible what we do as a country. And we are all guilty because we aren’t in the streets in the hundreds of thousands, nay, millions, in protest against this 21st century targeted genocide against Arab people in the Middle East. And if we aren’t standing up for our brothers and sisters across the sea, they know they can run over us, too.


I mean, at this point, are people really voting for this? Or are they just voting for the lesser of the options? It doesn’t seem like they’re voting for the best anymore, just the person that isn’t the worst.


As sad as this is, which it is very sad. This isn’t something to read and automatically start insulting our soldiers. Their only intentions are good, even if they are blind intentions. There is no reason to insult those who believe they are putting their lives on the line for you. We should talk about the government in this situation, not those who work for the government. They’re just people like you and I. Trying to get by, make money for their family. It’s just very sad to see that little kids have to suffer from this. If only we could find a better way for these soldiers to spend their time without having to hurt innocents in the process. I don’t doubt that they’d be all for it as well.


Yes… and there are good transcontinental hi-speed rail projects waiting to get started. The Army could be doing THAT… instead. ^…^