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Baby Trump's Coming Home!


Baby Trump's Coming Home!

After its triumphant tour over hundreds of thousands of U.K protesters and their bloody brilliant signs, the Baby Trump blimp - scowling face, yuge diaper, teeny hands clutching toxic phone and all - is coming to New Jersey to torment the noxious baby himself at his golf club. Local activists quickly raised far more than their goal in order to bring the balloon here - to protest his policies, galvanize opposition and proclaim, "We are not going to cower to this clown."


Love the Twain quote. The Garden State has more than its share of smartasses, who will have no trouble finding ways to get under Twitler’s abnormally-thin skin.

“Fly, my pretty (fiendish cackle)!”


As to the sign carried by the woman high-fiving the bobby, one can only say: “He wishes”.


Fantastic! We used to say, “you fight downtown, we fight uptown”, now it is across the oceans! As others have suggested, maybe we can get millions of these balloons but much smaller to appear everywhere in the US.


They will be a fine addition to Trump’s ego stroking military
parade. Jut act like a brain dead Trumpster then whip out
your balloon. It would be difficult for the cops to round up
thousands of baby Trump balloons. What are they going to
do, strip search all spectators?


I want 20 (of the full-sized ones) constantly floating over mar-a-dumpo, and then also make them part of his idiotic military parade!!!


Is the military parade a go?


I am envisioning smaller trump balloon–he is a balloon isn’t he?-- in every park, on every street, people going wherever they are going carrying one of these…


I was hoping that someone would do this.


That certainly works b/c balloons float a couple of feet above the person holding them – can you imagine 100,000 or more people all holding one, or two, or three while he was trying to play golf? What a glorious picture that paints!

Why yes, Giovanna he is a buffoonish balloon!


Great idea–you got to it first


Available. But now the question becomes, can we get those smaller baby balloons without making Bezos even more filthy rich?