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'Back on Track': Sally Yates to Testify Publicly in House Russia Probe

'Back on Track': Sally Yates to Testify Publicly in House Russia Probe

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has been invited to testify publicly before Congress on the investigation into alleged Russian election meddling.

The hearing is expected to take place after May 2. Former CIA director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper are also scheduled to testify.

Was there something stopping Ms. Yates from appearing on TV?

From being interviewed by the press?

Because if this is a replay of Rachel Maddow’s ‘Trump’s tax returns’ bombshell-turned-fizzle, it’s going to make the D-Party look even worse. And aren’t their polling numbers bad enough?

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I will be watching Yates’ testimony on CSPAN on May 2 (and beyond if needed). May she be protected, guarded and safe until that time because what she has to say may well undo the tidy cabal formed by the emperor and his henchmen.


Nunes stopped her testimony to the committee. And polling numbers for the demonic despot are tanking even with dropping the MOAB that cost the American public $16 million to create JUST ONE and a few million$$$ more to transport and deploy the monstrosity, let alone the cost in human lives, habitat destruction, and declining international relations.

As for going the press, be sure that when she was asked for her resignation, she also had to sign a no disclosure to the press statement, which cannot preclude/prevent testimony before a congressional committee.

This should be interesting

It’s always good when fired people get microphone time


Yates is a career professional. Not a TV talking head. Not a celebrity. Odd, eh?

If she had something of consequence to say, a gag order wouldn’t have been enough to stop her–she would’ve had legal cover in that she exposed illegalities in the wake of being fired.

Thus, I doubt she sheds much light other than to fan the flames of conspiracy theory among Hilary dead-enders.

I’ll add that I’d like nothing more than to see Trump and his cronies exposed as criminal conspirators. However, I’ve seen little smoke and no fire, so pardon my skeptic-tankicism.


She is an attorney who once held a highly important position in the DOJ and, as such, going to the press would be her professional undoing and would cast endless doubt on her integrity. She has proven herself to be competent, truthful, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and fair with unassailable rectitude. Going to the press would and should not be her way. And as a woman, she would be subjected to much greater scrutiny and judged far more harshly than a man in her position…sad to say.

Well, I take your judgement at face value and await her sworn testimony.

Nonetheless, I remain amazed at the large amount of accusations and certitude on the one hand, and the small amount of hard evidence backing them up on the other.


Although I have nothing yet to back up my hunch, something about the look of her mouth in the photo at the top of the story tells my intuition that THIS was not the person for Trump to think he could safely abuse. He may still have his testicles when this is over, but they will likely be in his pocket.

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I’d love to hear what it is that you expect her to reveal. The worrying thing about this nonsense, which travels so quickly because it is on stilts, is that the two ‘sides’ in this ‘dispute’ namely the Republicans and the Democrats may piece together a story which blames the Russians and maintains the long and mentally debilitating bi-partisan tradition of blaming the Russians for everything.
What Congress should be investigating is Israeli and Saudi interference in the election, the problem is that four out of five of them would have to recuse themselves-of give the money back.


Don’t look at putin! Look over there!

I hope you are right!

What’s this obsession with Israel and the Saudis? They didn’t interfere with our recent POTUS Election. Come on, now. Sally Yates must be allowed to testify on the Russian interference with our recent POTUS election, which resulted in Donald Trump’s election to the Oval Office.

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Sally Yates looks like one tough gal that nobody would want to mess with. Here’s wishing her the best of luck when she testifies.

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I’m curious as to what people who are following this ‘Russia probe’ believe is going to come out of all of it. Specifically, what is going to come out of it that might benefit immigrants, indigenous people, people who have to work for a living, women trying to access reproductive care, people trying to survive in the various countries the U.S. is currently bombing, etc.?

Trump’s poll numbers do not affect whether he is president or not. As the numbers get worse, maybe he just does more outrageous things - shoot some more missiles, drop another MOAB. The Congress is controlled by Republicans. In the event that Trump is impeached (which I estimate at about 0% probability), Mike Pence the Christian Dominionist becomes president - which is arguably worse, because I doubt Pence is as politically incompetent as Trump.

Maybe we find out the Russian government was behind a vast conspiracy that makes our un-democratic system even more un-democratic. And then… what? What do we do then? That makes a difference in the lives of everyday people?

Maybe someone has an idea of how this investigation could even possibly mitigate the disaster we are currently experiencing. If so, I hope they will share.

Yes there’s something stopping Yates from appearing on TV.
There are certain legal restraints (look it up).
And Rachael Maddow’s TV piece on Trump’s returns was NOT a fizzle…it led to the disclosure that Trump himself provided that particular return! And remember, the heat is being steadily turned up for Trump to release his tax returns.
Instead of gloating over Rachael Maddow’s alleged fizzle, you should be asking yourself why Trump is not releasing his tax returns. Aren;t you concerned that he’s hiding something? What if the returns show he’s in hawk up his eyeballs to Russian banks/oligarchs, etc? This is NOT a Republican/Democrat issue. It is a national security issue.
But of course I’m wasting my breath…because Trump supporters have a double-standard.
Trump gets a pass on everything (even when obvious irregularities are revealed) and everyone on the other side of the aisle are guilty, guilty, guilty.

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How come you don’t ask for the same hard evidence from Trump when Tweets his WILD accusations such as 3 to 5 million illegals voted to deprive him of his popular vote victory and Obama’s evil “TAPP” of Trump Tower. And how can you accept things like Trump promising to release his tax returns and then say he’s not going to do it? Trump supporters seem to be perfectly fine with his dysfunctional behavior and outright lies (sorry, alternate facts) but filled with righteous indignation when it comes to the conduct of people from the other party. WOW is all I can say.

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For one, it could affect the mid-term election ending the Republican domination of either/both the House and the Senate.
This will enable congress to reign in the president and/or make him a lame duck (A far better outcome compared to Pence or Ryan taking over).
Secondly, it will enable us to take measures to prevent a repeat of what just happened (IF the Russian suspicions are proved to be true).
Trump took campaign rhetoric to a new low and perhaps this whole investigation will help bring back civil behavior into future campaigns. Demeaning opponents, throwing around the words “FAKE NEWS” indiscriminately, and making wild unsubstantiated accusation MUST STOP…they should not become the norm in a post-Trump world.

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Real quickly:

I’m not a Trump supporter by a long shot.

I’d prefer he release his returns, but it’s becoming standard procedure for R-Party candidates not to. Trump told you explicitly that he tries to pay as little as possible–frankly, so do I.

Rachel Maddow’s Trump tax return expose’ was a fizzle. Period.