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Back to Jim Crow Under Trump: 'Lynch Her' Is Republicans' Big Idea to Deal With Rep. Ilhan Omar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/01/back-jim-crow-under-trump-lynch-her-republicans-big-idea-deal-rep-ilhan-omar


It is often said that republicans want to take us back to the dark ages, well were on our way. America’s dark days, arrogance and white superiority reign. America has a very deep seated hatred for non whites and it is rearing its dark ahead again. The shame of it all is crippling for the rest of us. What is going on at the border for the last couple years is inhumane.


Somalis are Sunni Muslims have have no affinity for the Shiite government of Iran. Most Somalis are moderate Sufi Muslims, and while I don’t know for sure. that is likely Omar’s own background.

That Juan Cole feels the need to make this statement is a reflection of the racism and anti-Muslim ideology that is prompted by both Democrats and Republicans. Ilhan Omar is awesome. She is one of the most progressive people in Congress and speaks truth to power. The Republican and Democrat attacks against her , and other Muslims, make me, an unabashed atheist, consider converting to Islam, as a representation of solidarity.


The pragmatists who comment here insist that we progressives throw our political fortunes in with the conservadems who dominate their party. Conservadems in “swing” districts who can work across the aisle – even if that means working with blatant white supremacists to pass bills that restrict the rights of minorities.

I have an answer for the pragmatists. Your party is an incoherent mess. If the LOTE is all I have, then I’ll vote Green again.


Ilhan should use every means necessary to prosecute those who threaten her, including Trump.
She should insist that federal, state and local law enforcement investigate and prosecute the cretins who threaten her.
She should file lawsuits.
This isn’t a free speech issue–Ilhan’s opponents are trying to get her killed.
As a member of Congress, she has even more protection.
This all goes for Bernie, AOC, and other high-profile progressives.


As an atheist myself, I would never convert to Islam–and neither would I return to Catholicism, a religion I was raised in. Both are ultimately the enemies of human freedom, compelling infantile surrender to dogma, superstition, and licensing an overweening rectitude and self righteousness. That there are some Catholics, some Muslims who are okay means they have slipped the collar and have only a partial allegiance to dogma. But then, going to church doesn’t make someone a Christian anymore than sleeping in a garage makes you a car.


Hey, David. When doctors and organizations who served women’s health needs were verbally attacked and threatened with violence it wasn’t long before those “indirect” threats became actual murder - silence IS complicity, and trump is a voice that lauds and applauds violence and aggression in every word and deed he commits to inflame the lumpen/moron mob. To allow or ignore any threats of violence against especially an elected representative is a capital crime or should be!
trump is already by word and deed guilty or complicit to the killings/murders/deaths of citizens and refugees by people inspired by his racism, sociopath calls for violence, and overt hatred against individuals, groups, along with political and scientific thought - the actions and words of a cretinous moron in his own right!.

Ilhan Omar shouldn’t have to be, and it is unwise to be the prime-mover of upholding the law - her job is to represent the people - it is for law-enforcement to investigate and prosecute - you know, those who ostensibly “protect and serve”. - that is their job and sworn duty to investigate what amounts to death threats and domestic terrorism from the extremist political right and brainwashed “religious” puppets although for them its not even a “wash”, a “light rinse being more than sufficient”, as Gene McCarthy once said of brainwashing.


Looks more like BACK TO NAZISM, not just “back to Jim Crow”.

Dubya set the tone during the 2003 Iraq invasion when he said “you are either with us or against us”.


I don’t know all that leads you to this perspective, but I’ve heard the same from other white atheist who, while they deny it, are profoundly racist.

On the other hand, many progressive folk of color I know, take the position that is one of are oppressed brothers or sisters is being attacked by the powerful, we stand with them.

The reality is that many of my Iranian, Palestinian, Pakistani, Somali, and Syrian friends and colleagues, who are Muslim, are also absolutely atheist. For folk of color, struggling to fight against the imperialism of Western nations, embrace of Islam is not religious, but a political act of resistance. So, go ahead, consider me Muslim and Somali. Any attack you may consider against any of them, direct to me first.

“spearheaded by wealthy families such as the Abramsons and the Bronfmans.”

The Bronfmans were featured quite heavily throughout Whitney Webb’s Epstein expose.


What trump has turned this great nation into with his white supremacist views is more than enough to give him the boot, with out his orders to have a foreign nation try to influence our elections.

I gave up on all religion in 1968 as my best friend died in my arms, while taking part in Nixon`s war. Gather I was right since religion is dying, as we see 6%-10% decline every year over the past 20 years

For your Sunday viewing pleasure (you won’t see this on MSNBC).



That’s a profound experience. I grew up with a mother who was Jewish and a father who was Christian because the racist Catholic Church kicked out Latinos. I always jokingly said that the two religions canceled out and left me atheist.

I had an intense experience when I was in Haiti after the earthquake. I met mothers who had most of their kids killed in the earthquake. They were left with no photos of their kids, none of their kids clothes, and no physical indication that their kids ever lived. They told me that the only thing that kept them going, the only thing stopping them from going insane, was the belief that god had a plan and that they would see their kids in heaven. Only a person of extreme arrogance or a sociopath would tell one of these moms: their is no god, no plan, no heaven, your kids are dead and you have nothing to remember them by for nothing. When these moms asked me for reassurance, I pretty much agreed with the rationalization they had come up with to be able to keep going.

I prefer many atheists to many of the Bible Thumping hypocrites who call themselves " Christians “; especially by my definition of " Christian” which to me, is one that follows the teachings of Christ.

been pretty dark a long long time


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Yes, that worries me. Foxy News among others, have been demonizing and excoriating IIhan as a threat because Omar is a Muslim whipping up their base constituents hatred of this very brave lady.

The perspective that leads “me” to this analysis has been abundantly documented by history, anthropology, human psychology, as well as culture studies. It’s a commonplace. My comment re religious faith was not directed at Omar, neither was it a defense of anyone who dislikes her or who attacks her. I am on Omar’s side. I refuse, however, to put lipstick on religiosity per se, and was offering a perspective for you, a self admitted atheist, that a step back into religiosity–and I am not discriminating here, I mean all of them, including Evangelicalism, Mormonism et al–would definitely be a step backward. One thing you said is most puzzling: you have friends who are both Muslim and Atheistic? Maybe that’s a typo, because one cannot honestly be both a believer in a deity and a non-believer at the same time–unless schizoid.

One thing you said is most puzzling: you have friends who are both Muslim and Atheistic? Maybe that’s a typo, because one cannot honestly be both a believer in a deity and a non-believer at the same time–unless schizoid.

This statement reflects an ignorance of non-Western cultures. It’s extremely racist to assert that the Western view of the world is the only perspective. The atheist Islamic folk that I know are culturally Islamic, even more so in reaction to racist comments such as the one above, while, simultaneously critical of the pathology of religious power structures and clear that there is no supernatural . Here’s a piece by one atheist Muslim Pakistani who , perhaps, can give you some insight into non-Western thinking on Islam and atheism: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-i-decided-to-call-myself-an-atheist-muslim_b_3261226

Cole sez:
“Stella responded to the ban by accusing Twitter of being a supporter of terrorism and pedophilia.”

Ah … why double down when you can just go all-in and have done with it?
This ‘person’ is unlikely to gain any traction in Omar’s district, so this has more the feel of an audition for a job in Stephen Miller’s office following her electoral loss/withdrawal.
At least, her fact-free squealing sounds more like a Miller fangirl’s crush than any kind of honest attempt to sell a lie.

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