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Back to Jim Crow Under Trump: 'Lynch Her' Is Republicans' Big Idea to Deal With Rep. Ilhan Omar

Your article simply proves the point I established at the outset: those who claime to be religious but are not simultaneously psychologically impaired as a result are those who do not completely submit to the doctrine, but instead, as your author states, “cherry pick” which religious requirements they accept and reject. I’m not going to bother to insult you just for payback. Your promiscuous flinging of the “racist” trope in response to my comment is puerile.

Dostoyevski nailed it with “The Grand Inquisitor” - powerfully enacted in 25 minutes by John Gielgud.
How does an inquisitor rationalize his legacy? What is the result?


I’ve been in communities which have seen Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam used to justify crimes against humanity. Right now, secular capitalists spewing out greenhouse gasses in order to rack in their profits, are threatening the world with catastrophic and existential disaster on a time frame of decades. The notion that Islam is a unique and unparalleled evil and threat to humanity, and/or ‘enemies of human freedom’ is absolutely racist.

We live in a society infused with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. White folk, or folk of color for that matter, that claim to be able to repeat racists tropes, without promoting racism are either mendacious or naive.

I would go further and say that many atheist Muslims embrace primarily, if not exclusively, the cultural sense of what it means, to them, to be Muslim, not the religious dogma. I would not have reacted so strong if you had said that, rather than assuming that conversion to Islam implies anything other than cultural allegiance, expressing puzzlement over the fact that I have friends who are both Muslim and Atheists, jumping to the conclusion that atheist Muslims are folk believe in deities, and insinuating that they are schizoid.

Trump and the Republicans believe they’re the Masters.

In reality, they’re the "Monsters."

And as it is in every Monster movie, the Monster is dispatched.

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This is a tempest in a teapot. My comments were aimed at the religion, the religious doctrine–I have acquaintances who are “catholic” only in name. They go to church…but that doesn’t really make them catholic. They have communion. They are still not catholic. That is because they “cherry pick” and in no way live up to the strictures of doctrine–a doctrine that insists upon obedience and submission to both pope and to the Book. I hear them declare they are “catholic,” but that is self-deception. Those who are “muslim” (Islamic) but not adhering to sharia or the strictures of the Koran are doing the same. They are not really Islamic, they only declare that they are because, well, they live with other muslims and they share food, customs, linguistic tropes and so on. I told you I was an atheist: in a few days will be putting up a christmas tree for the family members who want christmas here. I do that because it is a cultural thing, and I can do it without believing in christianity. Any observer of my behavior would be maximally stupid to say that I am both a christian and an atheist for putting up the tree–that’s BS, and confusing exoteric practices for sincere religious adherence. You have now mentioned “racist” about five times in your responses to my original post, and I truly get the intent behind it. After having much patience with you, I must now say I have come to despise your narrowness, your doctrinaire inflexibility, your sheer ignorance. Sorry, but you revealed all of that on your own. You can expect no further replies from me on any topic whatsoever. Your replies, in future, will be discarded and ignored.

More racist BS. Under what “White Mans’ Burden” scenario are you entitled to determine who is and who isn’t a true Muslim. Neither you, nor any either White person from the US, nor any other person from any racial/cultural background, are entitled to decree that folk who self-identify as Muslim, particular those from nations whose heritage is immersed in Muslim culture, are not Muslim.

Look in the mirror. The fact that you can’t accept the racist nature of the US, and Global North, or the racism that all of those immersed in these societies, perpetuate,is a refletion of your own profound ignorance.

Okay, who wants to do the Monster Mash?!

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You asked for it Mr. Peabody.

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