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"Back to Normal" Thinking and Why Trump's Anti-Mask Stance Has Been So Deadly

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/29/back-normal-thinking-and-why-trumps-anti-mask-stance-has-been-so-deadly

“…prepare to face rolling waves of restrictions and shutdowns until a vaccine.”

A large percentage of Americans have already said they will refuse to get vaccinated.
And that’s if an effective vaccine is developed. A big if.


Add to this a corpress that lent credence to this cretinousness through its dogma of false balance, which always places a class conscious thumb on the scales of “all the news that’s fit to print”.


Hi Skeptic Tank:
I read that the Gilead drug people think that their drug will cost over $3000 per person…People will be dead before most of them can come up with that money. What a weird world of the future when everyone thinks that they are the royals and the rest just riff raff.

My understanding is that $3,000 per weekly treatment is what Gilead plans to charge health insurance companies. If you have insurance, you’ll pay your copay.

If you don’t have insurance – well, as they say in America: Good ass luck, son.

Hi SkepticTank:

Sadly, if that is true, more people will get it and infect even more people, . sigh----the only thing that would make Trump care is if Ivanka got it. :frowning:

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On-point and totally agree with your thoughts. The anti-mask stance has been a slap on science and we are all taking the aftermath of it - thousands of death in a day or two is just too much of an evidence.