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Back to the Dear Old Cold War

Back to the Dear Old Cold War

Eric Margolis

President Donald Trump and the neocon sofa samurais who surround him seem determined to pick a fight with China or Russia, or both at the same time.

Later this month, the US and China are due to try to end their long-running trade war which has damaged the economies of both nations. At the heart of the trade dispute are soya beans and pork, the two principal American exports to China, as well as China’s efforts to grab US technology.

Gorbachev may just have been the most influential figure in the twentieth century. He certainly was in the running and such titles really are far too subjective for certainty. At any rate I miss the leadership he offered the world from a most precarious perch. I highly recommend his books to those who want to understand his insight. His On My Country And The World (2000) is my favorite.

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Just more of the slow drip, drip, drip of Hate and division fomenting for decades within the Republican Party.

The Democrats have been just as eager to restart the Cold War as Trump and have been heading this way since Bill Clinton violated the agreement (between G. H.W. Bush and Gorbachev) not to expand NATO eastwards. It was the Obama administration (with Bill’s wife Hillary) who orchestrated a coup in Ukraine (on Russia’s doorstep) with neo-Nazi’s taking over the country. It has been the Democrats and their corporate media cohorts that have been pushing the factually-free Russiagate narrative, while having multiple aims, it is obviously a Cold War-style demonization at work. One thing that’s usually omitted when people talk about the Cold War: It was massively profitable for the MIC.


MSNBC recently claimed that a firm detected “Russian activity” in support of Tulsi Gabbard. The firm they cited was recently outed for creating fake Russian Troll accounts to simulate Russian activity.

Meanwhile just to show how far gone one Rachel Maddow is , she could not help but link Russia to the cold weather caused by the Polar vortex. In a broadcast while commenting on the cold weather she gave a "What if Russia shuts down the electrical grid in that region ? "

The Senate in the USA voted AGAINST the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The vote for this was 68 to 23 meaning a whole lot of Democrats got on board. If you want an example of what happens to people who support a troop withdrawal , see above on Tulsi Gabbard who I am certain will be claimed to be working for Russia and Assaad.

The United Kingdoms "Integrity Initiative’ , which saw some of its internal communications hacked and published wherein it revealed that with the funding of the British Government , they were producing Anti-russia stories across the globe with imbedded agents , recently pulled down its website. They need to re-tool it seems .

Meanwhile this interview on NEWSGuard very interesting. This a group funded by the right wing which will see its software imbedded into browsers wherein the accuracy of any site in question rated. They also want this put into the browsers of the computers at all Public Libraries and schools. The MSM receives high ratings while any site that presents an alternative narrative is dismissed as advancing falsehoods.

I was listening to an interview with a brain researcher on the local radio. She was talking about neuro-plasicity in the human brain and how human brain studies advances over the years. She indicated that in the past researches felt the brain “wired” only when one was a child and this wiring lead to certain personality traits. According to the research their view on this is changing. They are finding that the brain can rewire itself even into old age as an adaptation mechanism. She spoke of how rather then being a genetic lock, personality and behaviour patters could be changed by outside influences , environmental and social and spoke to how this was a promising path towards treating mental illnesses.

I think the CIA was way ahead of her as far as this goes which is why they launched mockingbird .

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Goodness. If there was any doubt that Trump is a Putin Puppet, this really removes all doubt, doesn’t it?

I mean anyone who didn’t get that Trump was doing what Putin wanted before surely has to see the truth of it all now.

Trump- Manchurian candidate owned by Vlad who commits treason daily by doing what benefits Russia.

I just am grateful that any day now- any day now- our Savior Muller will rescue us.

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Our chicken shit media won’t jump in Trump’s shit for every lie and exaggeration. They might have to all get together so as not to be intimidated. Better yet expect and accept the intimidation, but sling it right back at him. If cries foul for not getting respect, clue him in. If it can’t come from the POTUS there will be none.

The coup in Ukraine, the bombing of Libya and Syria all happened under Obama’s regime, though plenty had been done prior.

There’s more than pork and soya to spill here. It is not at all clear that the US really should be running factory farms and shipping pork and soya to China. Were this an emergency measure, a response to some sudden and inordinate need, it might make sense. It isn’t.

If China quits buying US products, that’s great. If the US quits buying Chinese products, so much the better. There are few cases wherein it really makes sense to ship goods across the world as there were no motive to reduce use of hydrocarbon fuel.

The cold war itself is very much an important issue, though. The odds of a new large-scale conflict appear to rise day by day, and the arguments that planners in the US particularly understand and are sane do not appear well founded.

I must admit I have no idea what you are saying here. Would you unpack it for me? (I guess I’m the one being obtuse, for real, now.)

The US administration seems to thinks we are in a New Cold War. The Cold War was the peace, a post-world war environment: we are now in pre-world war environment. Humanity has experienced long periods of peace (or relative peace) throughout history. The Thirty Years Peace between the two Peloponnesian Wars, Pax Romana, Europe in the 19th century after the Congress of Vienna, to name a few. They all ended: followed by war. The Congress System finally collapsed in 1914 with the start of World War One. That conflict was followed by the League of Nations. It did not stop World War Two. That was followed by the United Nations and other post-war institutions. But all the indications are they will not prevent a third world war. The signs are ominous.


I must disagree. Mueller won’t save us. He was never meant to. Trump is an absolutely horrible President, and a self-centered, self-serving human being. He is also unintelligent. That being said, the ONLY thing Trump is ‘beholden’ too is money. The only connection between Trump and Russia are business connections.

We need to stop discussions of things that won’t fix America, and push for conversation on things that will, for example, taking back much of the wealth and resources plundered by the elite and powerful and giving it back to the people.


Did you not realize that was sarcasm?


“They have refused to play by world trade rules,”

If it’s true then it should not be difficult to furnish the proof. Months have gone by and no proof has surfaced in any article or announcements anywhere. Instead, the Chinese have asked both sides to refer to the West-created WTO, but the Trump administration has ignored it.

The fact is that China has outgrown the WTO rules for developing countries and should NOT stick to the rules. Because, in many respects, it has become a developed, competitive country. I think China is admitting that fact in the ongoing talks with the US and will offer concessions.