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Back to the Future: Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power


Back to the Future: Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power

Laura Bonham

Every year to celebrate Independence Day, I watch the film 1776, based on the hit Broadway play. It is centered on the writing of the Declaration of Independence. If you know your history, it effectively pokes fun at our founding myth. It also reminds me of the conditions under which these men lived and makes me truly grateful for screened windows, electric fans, and ballpoint pens.


The Media is Mightier Than War ©

Greetings from South Florida. I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran for Peace and former Community Organizer trained by Saul Alinsky’s executive team in the mid-70s after returning from my second tour in Vietnam as a diplomatic courier posted in then-Saigon.

My political and moral perspectives were fundamentally changed after the slaughter of the Kent State students, release of The Pentagon Papers, findings of the Church Committee and the Fulbright Hearings … etc.

Since 2003, I have been actively involved in protesting US Folly Policy and continue to read numerous progressive sites to get a better understanding of “The Death of the Republic.”

Chris Hedges, Andrew Bacevich and the other writers/analysts do an incredible job of investigating and telling the Facts to the progressive community, which needs to be broadened exponentially. One way is to immediately integrate and internationalize all progressive sites exactly like www.bbc.com! This will immediately provide the multi-lingual platforms to reach the ethnic enclaves in the U.S. and beyond.

From my perspective these writings must be complimented by positive stories of organizing successes and failures to empower local community organizations to engage in sustainable change at the national level. Here in South Florida, faith - based community organizations build power around local issues which is understandable. However, they do not know how to provide solidarity and/or support the Water Is Live Warriors in South Dakota or their counterparts in Flint Michigan!

As James L. VanHise notes: “At some point, when negotiation and compromise fail, people require an effective means to defend their core values. [Gene] Sharp’s years of research have convinced him that nonviolent techniques, if used strategically, can be as effective as violence in such situations. His theories are based on a hard-headed realism that Machiavelli would appreciate, because to Sharp it’s all about power—wielding it and denying it to the opponent.” (The Progressive, March 25, 2017).

Although my search skills are restricted to the Internet, I have only found a handful of sites that promulgate said organizing strategies and tactics that will impact national agendas; and they are only in English! Thus, I strongly recommend Common Dreams take a leadership role in creating and implementing We The Peoples Network, A Good News Network.

Its vision:
to form dynamic strategic alliances, creating trustworthy information channels that offer knowledge and intelligence from organized communities and open sources communicating awareness, purpose, principals and values, thus stimulating citizens’ imagination, recognizing their Constitutional obligations and achievements within and among U.S. communities, and their active participation in defining our Nation’s role in world affairs.

As we reflect on Memorial Day and July 4th and as Veteran Day approaches, I strongly recommend you dedicate abundant articles from numerous sources about the folly of war since Vietnam to now and its costs to our nation, the Veterans and the Families of The Fallen.

As a member of the core group of Veterans who built the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Constitution Gardens, I know our success was due to the foundation philosophy to make NO political statements about the war making policies … simply honor The Fallen, Missing and Survivors.

Now it is time to debate, engage, challenge and empower ordinary citizens to organize and occupy so We determine who serves, sacrifices, suffers and dies, and who pays!

In essence, We The People must own the Soul of U.S. Foreign Policy to Wage Peace.

Treasure Life & Semper Fidelis,

David DeChant
Jarhead Clan :o) Combat Intelligence NCO Assigned to Scouts


Unfortunately David, as long as men fight in wars begun by lies the cycle of violence will not end. When we honor service by soldiers in illegal wars of occupation and resource stealing, we perpetuate the never ending wars of America. War budgets are unlimited as profits for the MIC roll in and the tail of a Middle East country controls the movements of the Big Dog. Media exercises mind control with incessant propaganda while the Deep State eliminates men of Peace. What is good for the evil Empire is bad for the Commonweal.


The Media is Mightier Than War ©

Please review and use the attached proposal … KILL THE LIES!

Wage Peace & Treasure Life,
David DeChant
Marine Vietnam VeteranFor Peace ~ Semper Fidelis