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'Back to the Future': US Preparing Military Mobilization to Russian Border States



The plan has been clear for quite awhile: A feint toward Iran followed by a fake pivot to the Pacific, and then a surprise winter attack on China from the north, through Russia. This is a brilliant maneuver worthy of world class chess play, five thousand troops should be sufficient.

The part about upgrading European rail and highway infrastructure will be supported by both houses of congress and the deficit ceiling can easily be raised with inter party cooperation such a war will demand. Nobel economists versed in game theory will recommend upperclass taxes be cut to create jobs and boost civilian morale.


Sanctions against Russia have been a failure crippling West Europes economy moreso than that of Russia and pushing Russia closer to China. Russia accelerates its divestment from the US dollar as a consequence and in fact has started issuing debt in the form of the Yuan this to more closely intergate the two economies.

The Great Silk Road project from the perspective of economic growth is simply the largest such initiative on the Globe and the USA try as it might can not get in on it without being able to dominate the Eurasian Continent Militarily. The various Railroad projects both China and Russia are building will neutralize US dominance of the seas as it will be faster to ship goods from Europe and back via rail then by ship. This threatens to pull West Europe even closer into the orbit of Russia and China.

The geopolitical advantages Russia has as the largest country on Earth and one that stretches from Europe all the way to Asia has been pointed out here before in various articles and is one long recognized by the Empire builders in the West. The imperative on the part of the USA is try to force Russia to become Balkanized. This process started when the USA funded Islamist groups in Pakistan, Chechnya and elsewhere hoping this would spread to the areas of the than USSR where the majority of the population was Muslim. This worked to an extent when the USSR broke up and the various "Stans" became independent countries.

All of this strategy was outlined in "The Grand Chessboard". The problem is Putin has read that book too and is a far better chess player.

The USA has only one card left to play and that a Military one where they feel they still have an advantage and where they feel they can "win" in a Nuclear exchange. The leaders of the USA are stark raving mad to pursue such a strategy. Russia is no Iraq.


Apparently Eastern Europeans don't understand or translate correctly the American expression, " being caught between a rock and a hard place. " Methinks they are about to find out. And, along with truth being the first casualty of war, game theory is a very close second.


I thought we traded Crimea with Russia for a new and profitable cold war.


I'm reminded of being about 12 years and old and playing 'king of the mountain' on a dirt pile at a construction site. A fight was started by one of the guys who short in stature and latter became the neighborhood bully. Later as freshman in high school in what was at the time considered an elite community, I was invited to sit at the lunch table claimed by the 'popular crowd'. Appetite soon dissolved as I listened and watched the heads go down in malicious gossip time and again as various people went back to the food line - only to greet them with smiles upon their return. They were chilling learning experiences I treasure to this day.

The bullying inherent in the predatory capital dominating the human race has become a poison so pervasive as to be homicidal and ultimately suicidal. The latter already underway in an environment of utterly schizophrenic denial. It has no mother, but rather a motherload of toxic rationalization feedback loops. It claims that it wants to give birth to some sort of benign New World Order, all the while pumping away in a toxemia of oblivious power toward stillbirth.


Did you play " king of the mountain " with Little Johnny McCain? Later known by his fellow officers as Johnny Jet Crasher. And, it never ceases to amaze that Americans have a " come to Jesus moment " right after their gun is emptied.


tactical nuclear exchange ???? not a great tactic me thinks ,, a quick way to depopulation i suppose , but none of the exposed "resources " would be useable would they .. I'm sure mother earth would enjoy another warmup,, oh yea and i also wonder how many of the youth in Russia would be chomping at the bit to go to the Russian front ?? GAK who gave all these folks their dumb meds ??


John McCain was known as 'Songbird' when he was a prisoner of war. He sang like a songbird giving them all the information he had.

There is an error in the title of this article---we are not going 'back to the future' we are going to the end of human life on earth -- all to help the rich psychopaths to get richer.


We may have " a mineshaft gap " but we surely have a mind shaft gap and I know who's going to get " shafted ". The same people who in the zombie movies keep asking, " What's for dinner? "


Excellent weapons salesman! one of the best most believable.


please believe me , total sarcasm ,, sometimes i cant control myself in the midst of the unbelievable stupidity of our leaders ,, and i wouldnt want to be on the front lines of any 'tactical nuc event" no matter which side ,might get pretty hot


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"I'll see your 500 artillery guns and raise you 5,000 tanks"

"Oh yeah, well I'll see your 5,000 tanks and move nuclear-tipped weapons into the disputed area."

If this were a normal poker game, the side with the highest hand would win everything. But it's a game of war. If both sides go all in we all lose, game over.

As a result, modern war becomes a Kabuki dance, heavily choreographed, each move carefully telegraphed to the dance partner, not meant for actual combat but only for how it plays to the various domestic audiences. Part of the Kabuki dance of modern war is having a few troops die. The audiences really dig emotional stuff like that.

Just recently North Korea fought a phony nuclear war against the United States.


On the use of tactical nukes it is my understanding that using them is Russia's plan if things don't go their way.. If NATO advances in a conflict beyond a certain point and it becomes apparent that Russian ground forces cannot stem the advance, they will use them.
Then God help all of us!
Lets hope things do not get out of hand here and the crazy end up ruling the day.


Another prelude to WWIII. Hopefully, because I live inside the major metropolitan city of Houston, I will be extinguished by a pillar of fire known as a thermonuclear bomb instead of the horrendous effects of radiation poisoning or starving to death after the fall out.


Here's a blast from the past:

Afrika Bambaataa featuring John Lydon - World Destruction


I am soooo confused. I thought we were fighting ISIS. No, Iran. No, China. No, North Korea. No, Russia. Can someone help me out here? Is it terrorists, a threat to Israel, a country that has become economically bigger than the US, a country ruled by a madman, or a country that feels threatened by nato? Or are we fighting them all?


Ach ja! Der Fourth Reich's Wehrmacht, built up to the largest and most ruthless in der welt, by destroying the welfare of its people, is now ready to be unleashed to conquer the world or die.
* Where nuclear weapons are lined up on both sides of a conflict, the first side to be overrun is going to fire its weapons on the "Use it or Lose it" principle.
* The other side will retaliate, then both sides, or all sides will launch the ICBMs and it is game, set, and match for death.
* As Redraven says, just hope you are at ground zero. Beats a lot of bleeding and puking.