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Backed by Over Two Dozen Cities and States, California Sues Trump Admin for Revoking Authority to Adopt Strict Emissions Standards

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/backed-over-two-dozen-cities-and-states-california-sues-trump-admin-revoking

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Plenty of congenitally demented Conservatives in the Golden State for Hair Hitler to pander to.

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California always seems to lead the nation with their progressive stands. Good luck moving forward.

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If car standards must be so strict, why aren’t voting standards and taxation standards also strictly equal?

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"California won’t bend to the president’s reckless and politically motivated attacks on our clean car waiver."

Right Wing gets really upset when anything is done to IMPROVE conditions for humanity
and the planet –

If they were trying to lower standards in California, Trump would be all for it –

Same for the Supreme Court – look at their work in reversing freedom, liberty, democracy –

Supreme Court should ONLY be involved in protecting and EXPANDING our freedoms –

In all of the right wing decisions over hundreds of years, they’ve been preserving status quo –
Elite-Patriarchy – and its crimes. Colonialism, Imperialism, Slavery …