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Backing Bernie's Boldness, South Carolina Lawmaker Flips on Clinton



But Bamberg downplayed Clinton's Southern bulwark saying: " you are starting to see cracks in that firewall".

Yeah, no doubt HRC is starting to get nervous in spite of her owning all the super delegates.

Just asking: could that be why her good friend, Bloomberg, is considering entering the Presidential race?


I witnessed what America can do during the mobilization for WW.II. If we get business on board we can make many of Bernie's changes.

We must change the corporate charter laws to include that their profits cannot interfere with the purity of the enviornment or the workings of small local businesses and they must pay a fair living wage and their fair share of taxes.

Hillary is a good politician. If she gets elected we will be "suffering" more of the same disfunctional government that we now have. At least with Bernie there is motivation for the people to effect a change. He will make the changes by going to the power base of the voters not our crippled congress.


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As CNN points out, "the Sanders campaign has had some success poaching Clinton supporters—former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner has become one of the most vociferous supporters of Sanders since breaking away from Clinton in November."

Note the media 'dog whistle' framing with the word "poaching". Demeaning Bernie Sanders, Justin T. Bamberg, the process and the people. So electoral activity that is not of the Clinton is like trespassing in order to kill or steal animals. No wonder CNN has viewership problems.


Hopefully this will be just the beginning of reappraisal by large segments of the electorate on who represents the people in our society, and who represents business as usual and the rule of big-money.

The point is made by Hillary's defense of the ACA telling voters it is essential and just dandy as is - notably ways we should "build on the ACA" are left unsaid. Sanders way forward is to eliminate the profiteers from health care for all, not just "scrap-it" and start over as Hill claimed. Only a fool cannot see we are dominated by corruption, profits, and wealth as ultimate objectives with little or zero concern for the consequences of corrupted politicians and political system that weighs democracy and "free speech" in terms of money.


Is the Pope Catholic ?

Bloomberg Business Week magazine recently published an article about Bernie by Joel Stein. It mocked Bernie's Medicare for All because it would cost $16 trillion over ten years. Stein conveniently failed to mention that Congress has US taxpayers on the hook for $26 trillion in various bailout schemes to benefit the too big to fail banks that would have never gotten so big if Bill Clinton had not decriminalized (media calls it "deregulation") New Deal regulations that previously prohibited banks from getting so big.

Should we take a poll of CD readers and see what they want to do with the US Government's $10 trillion surplus when President Sanders breaks up the banks and starts Medicare for All ?


It would be nice if there were a free feed of this debate somewhere, rather than just behind the CNN paywall. Right now, there appears to be nothing out there that doesn't at least require a credit card be left on file. This is an attempt to shut out the poorest people from the start, so they'll be forced to take "the media's word" as to what happened, and it's typical of the dirty pool Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schulz are playing, along with their supporters. It's also not right that Hillary has a chance to reply to the other two candidates because she goes last, and they have no chance to respond to her. This is a crooked game, typical of CNN.

I expect massive media lies about what really happened ...


As Gomer Pyle would say: " SURPRISE, SURPRISE"!


I'm listening to the CNN intro time before the town hall. Guess what folks, Bernie's crowds are a factor of social media. This according to a character sitting next to Anderson Cooper. Is Bernie the only candidate using social media? I don't understand what that man was getting at, huge crowds are merely a factor of social media, this is going to be a long night, a very long night. Why doesn't Hillary have huge crowds? Is the wunderkind Robby Mook unaware of social media, bizarro world tonight folks.


The photo shows a beautiful smile from Representative Bamberg. If only the face of America were more like that!


If anyone wants a free audio feed, go to tytnetwork.com/Live right now. They are carrying the audio!


Justin Bamberg's smart and courageous decision to back Bernie instead of Killary is HUGE, and is proof that Bernie is going to get a vastly greater percentage of the Black vote than Killary or the sycophant media/propaganda sector of the Empire claims.

And this is no surprise for anyone who knows that the Black community is by far the most politically conscious sector of Americans --- and is no surprise for anyone who understands that young Blacks will vote for Bernie by the millions!

Here's the biggest "spoiler alert" for this (S)election year: ---- Bernie will spoil this damn Empire --- in fact Bernie will not only spoil the Empire, but he will gut it!

Or more accurately, Bernie will spoil the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire's facade of merely 'posing' as our once proud country for the last four decades.

The principled progressive democratic socialist, anti-war, anti-Empire, and non-violent revolutionary Bernie Sanders (who is both Jewish and smart enough to have started his insurgency against this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire within the carcass of the laugh lying mis-named “Democratic Party” in order to block being easily excluded from the rigged (s)election process) has apparently been far more sucessful than the Empire imagined in being able to both expose and ‘out’ the Empire (as the “Occupy” movement partially achieved, even without calling itself “Occupy the Empire”, which expresses a full sentence containg an ‘object’) and this 60s generation radical political Jew has managed to re-start the Revolution of my generation more effectively and peacefully than the SDS, Weathermen, and Black Power movements combined.

Yea! Bernie. Who will slowly, steadily, and peacefully educate, inform, and ignite a Second American Revolution against Empire again — but with a peaceful and even joyous ‘shout heard round the world’ instead of a deck-clearing and violent “shot heard round the world”.

As JFK warned, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution (against Empire) inevitable” — except that Bernie seems to have found the ‘path’ to making non-violent Revolution against this first and last fully ‘disguised’ global Empire quite possible because the most dangerous thing in the world to a disguised (and hidden, like a cancer) Empire is to merely but publicly ‘expose’ it to the light of average people “of good will” — just as ‘the light’ will dispatch a Vempire or a cancer.


Bernie is doing very well, but going first means Hillary will have the last word, and she is an expert at legerdemain. Bernie is calling her on a lot of issues, go Bernie. Bernie was great, I have no intention of watching the rest of the debate, I'll be watching the end of the Bulls-Heat game.


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I also watched it, and like you turned it off when Bernie's time was up.
I gave my mother the copy of Rolling Stone that had the interview with Sanders, she has no interest in following politics and most likely would have voted for Clinton. She gave me back the magazine today and said "That guy makes a lot of sense".
I don't think anyone who watched Bernie tonight could not at least say the same thing.
There's no B.S. from Bernie Sanders.


Well, there goes Bamberg's ambassador posting (gimmes handed out by prez to loyal sycophants and they that write big checks). I applaud his move and the reason behind it. Bernie Sanders is THE best person for the job...bar none!


Bamberg was on Chris Mathews who evidently got the word to destroy Bernie for Hillary. Bamberg was impressive, smart, polite and well spoken. Mathews interrupted him as usual and went after Bernie so aggressively and his partisanship was so obvious that I felt he resented being forced to shill for Hillary.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
Upton Sinclair